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HEY MY PRECIOUS  FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS, I DECIDED TO WAIT closer to Mother’s Day to give praise and accolades to a Baltimore mother whose name happens to be Toya Graham. In case that name is not resonating in your memory….just think about how a few weeks ago during the senseless Baltimore riots, a camera focused on a scene where a young woman was repeatedly slapping, cursing and pushing a young black teen, who was dressed in black, was wearing  a hoodie with a mask around his face and carrying a brick in his hand.  Well, when you first see this viral video, people  really didn’t understand what was going on because it is rare that you see a woman attacking a young boy the way she was going upside his head and he was not retaliating.

WELL, IT TURNS out that that teen was 16-year-old Michael, Toya’s son. “ I was out there to save my child,” Toya said.    Personally, I choose not to talk about the riots and the free shopping because If you are in my FB family and keep up with my articles, you can easily surmise my thoughts on people burning down their own hood.
TOYA, a single parent, who also has five daughters,  was not playing and was fearing that her only son could easily wind up dead in the street with all the mayhem, violence and thugs burning cars, businesses and bricks being thrown at the police.
THAT VIDEO BECAME the lead story on all  the NETWORKS worldwide, and the Internet  was ablaze with comments praising and saluting this mom for showing tough love.  She became an instant sensation with the media clamoring  to interview this outspoken and fearless mom.
I LOVED THE FACT that her son admitted on CNN that he was “embarrassed a little bit, until she (his mom) just started talking to him at the home.  She was just telling me she did it because she cares about me and it wasn’t to embarrass me, but because she cared.”
ALSO IN A TV interview, Toya said, “Michael is my only son and my everything. I yanked him off the streets to save him from being the next Freddie Gray.”  Gray’ died while in the hands of six police officers, which sparked the devestation in Baltimore.
 I THINK TOYA WAS BUSY  trying to avoid ever having to pick out a coffin  and a nice suit to make him “casket sharp,” or have to put together a loving funeral program with pictures of family and  friends, which we see waaaaaaaaaay too often in the black community.  Young folks are being buried at an alarming rate in black communities
I  HAVE SAID, many times, that “the mean and trigger happy policemen, whether black or white, have  to be sorted out from the good ones because like it or not, they are the ones that we have to count on when the ninjas are busy shooting each other in the hood.   And I still say:  If we cut down on killing each other, the less white cops you would see in the hood.
SO BRAVO AND KUDOS TO TOYA GRAHAM, WHO should be named MOTHER of the YEAR for showing that there are parents out here trying to do the right thing to make sure their kids are doing the right thing!   And for the bleeding heart liberals who feel she should not have hit him….get over it ….get your life!
YEAH, I SAID IT….Stella In the City!



BLACK LIVES MATTER IS A NEW ORGANIZATION designed AND SETUP because some black women were
fed up with the state of violence against black bodies and to take a stand against police brutality and other forms of violence by bringing attention to these issues through solidarity in the black community. I understand that BLACK LIVES MATTER is an organization created by black women concerned about the killing of Michael Brown in Missouri, by a white cop that brought about rioting in Ferguson and the burning down of many businesses,including businesses owned by blacks!

I SAY BLACK LIVES MATTER ONLY WHEN A WHITE PERSON KILLS A black person.   Let’s call a spade a spade!  We only care about  a black life when a misguided and racist CAUCASIAN COP Kills a black person.  YOU MAY want to say that is not true,..but you know your ass is lying!.  Most times when we as black folks read about an African -American being shot dead…it is NOT by a white cop…and you know it!   But your so-called leaders choose to sweep our killing one another in the hood  under the rug like it is no big thing.  I Have always said that racist cops should be weeded out of every police precinct across America  because they do not belong in the system…and the same holds true for any mean trigger -happy black cop….none should be tolerated no matter what color!  But let’s stop BULLSHITTING about  what is really going on in the black communities across the nation:  We are killing each other in the hood at an alarming rate…yet our bobble head leaders…and they know and you know who they are,  choose to ignore the TRUTH ABOUT ” BLACKACIDE ” IN THIS COUNTRY!

SURE BLACK LIVES MATTER….BUT ONLY WHEN A WHITE PERSON TAKES A BLACK LIFE!  Otherwise,  we, as a people, do not give a damn about the innocent and decent 27-year-old black mail carrier in Chicago, who was recently shot  in his own car on the way to his job and the excellent Urban Prep student,  who was looking forward to going to college, but wound up gunned down and sprawled out on a street in Chicago with bullet wounds for no good reason.  We did not hear a peep out of President Obama or his good pal, Al Sharpton, who holds the distinguish title of being invited to the White House more than anyone during this administration.
NO BLACK PEOPLE…BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER…AND YOU ALL KNOW IT…WHITE FOLKS KNOW IT BECAUSE WHITE FOLKS IN MEDIA ARE THE FIRST ONES TO LET YOU KNOW THAT WE ARE KILLING EACH OTHER!  And our so-called black leaders not talking publicly about what we are doing to each other, will not change the truth!
SO RIOT ALL YOU WANT BLACK FOLKS IN FERGUSON AND ELSEWHERE..BECAUSE NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNTIL WE START LOVING EACH OTHER and not killing each other.   So, the BLACK LIVES MATTER ORGANIZATION CAN KISS MY BLACK ASS!  And if you are wondering what can you do …do not be that black person out there killing one of your own people!


     IT IS A LOW DOWN DIRTY SHAME that what was an awesome victory for our city last  year and even  more so for 13 talented Chicago kids, who love and played the game of little league baseball like no other….is now tainted and soiled.

 WHEN I HEARD THE UNBELIEVABLE AND shocking news on Wednesday that the much celebrated Jackie Robinson West little  League team had been stripped of their national championship title, my face hit the floor in disbelief. The startling revelation that sent negative shock waves throughout Chicago and beyond, became  a reality due to an investigation by Little League International and a whistleblowing coach, who noticed and subsequently challenged the residential boundaries’ rule and snatched the trophies out of these awesome young players hands saying that the JRW team’s officials let kids who lived outside the team’s residential boundaries and tried to cover it up, which is illegal in the little league world.stella-jrw1
THE SADDEST PART OF THIS baseball scandal is these precious and skillful young boys who played their hearts out, but unbeknownst to them, never suspected that the adults managing them, wanted them to win so badly that they used deceptive practices. And now these babies are in the spotlight all over the world for cheating.  But the kids had no knowledge that shenanigans behind the scene would lead to this very public embarrassment.
 BUT I SAY THIS TEAM WILL REMAIN OUR NATIONAL CHAMPS In all of our hearts, soul and spirit even though this is devastating news at the end  of this proud and glorious journey and celebrity treatment that most young athletes could only dream of in their lives. It was not the kids fault, but the adults involved.
 I AM PUBLICLY ASKING that these kids’ fellow students at their various schools will show only support and love for the little champions. I SAY THIS BECAUSE KIDS CAN BE SO MEAN AND CRUEL through the  internet and cyber bullying, especially when a kid is feeling down and hurting inside.  When you see these kids, reach out to them and just hug them real tight…and tell them they are going to be alright!
THIS SITUATION IS A GAME changer for sure and for here on out every little league team members need to be thoroughly checked out so this will not happen again.  Folks are crying racism and i am sure it played a role.  After all, the reality is that it is a white man’s world and black folks will always be judged more harshly.  So I hope and pray that these precious and beautiful kids will get through this crisis with a minimum of emotional scarring and  will continue to embrace and look forward to the rest of their lives with their heads held high and smiling proudly about all of their accomplishments as young black Mandingo warriors!


KUDOS AND CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BEYOND AWESOME JACKIE ROBINSON WEST U. S. WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS FROM THE SOUTHSIDE OF CHICAGO . THESE precious little leaguers deserve all our love and support and best wishes that they will live on to become the best adults that can be despite the streets trying to claim them. These babies are the young black boys that we have to protect and shelter from the.thugs that plague our beautiful communities. These babies deserve to live, prosper and to become future teachers, doctors, lawyers, business owners, CEOs and whatever they desire to be.
YOU GANG MEMBERS AND THUGS GIVE THESE YOUNG BEAUTIFUL AND TALENTED YOUNG BOYS a break….leave them alone. Don’t make them responsible for how your life did not turn out so great! See past that and let these young and decent young boys live and thrive in our neighborhoods. We do not want to read in the future that one of them has been taken from us through senseless violence at the hands of one of our own people!



IN YOUR LIFETIME AS A WOMAN, HAVE You ever passed up a fine, young  man who was winking and flirting with you and asked you out, but you turned him down because you just knew he was far too young for you?   And when you looked at him, the thought of having to burp him crossed your mind?   Well, in this day and age and with the shortage of men going on, it is becoming more and more common to hear about and see older women, even in their sixties, dating younger men. And there is no shame in their game!

          I AM ALWAYS HAPPY TO HEAR about women well into their 40s, 50s and up, who are getting additional loving.  After all, it has always been acceptable In this society for an old geezer to date or marry a woman who could easily be mistaken for his daughter or granddaughter.  I have seen old guys at the club, proudly flaunting their young tender things, who they would like to believe truly loves them and thinks that his wrinkles are sexy and the fact that he still can dance like James Brown is a plus!  The women their age, have to sit back and watch and hope some older guy will at least say hello to them.  In this society, even if the older woman is far more attractive than the younger woman, and has kept everything right and tight, the younger woman most likely will still  get over, primarily because she has not been on the planet as long!
       THE OLDER GUYS ARE TOO stupid to realize that the younger she looks, the older he looks.  What are nice, seasoned women supposed to do, especially if they have outlived their husbands, who really consumed the best years of their lives? Should they forget about sex and love because the men in their age group are no longer checking for them?
      WHAT ARE OLDER WOMEN supposed to do if men their equal are busy trolling the school yards for hot girls?  The answer is…..for a lot of older women….date a younger man!  Black women life span statistically is longer than the male, therefore women should date or marry younger men, because you know he still has some life left in him and he most likely will not die before you (not unless you shoot him) and make you a widow.  There are far more widows out here than widowers.  Most widowers are grabbed up practically during the funeral service for the dear departed wife!
              I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW OFTEN I HAVE HEARD WOMEN SAY that their old man ain’t what he used to be and barely gives great phone or great sex.  They are usually too tired or just can’t remember what’s up!  The real drawback to dating a younger man can be that he is not as financially stable.  But if the sex is cool and the young man seems to really care and ain’t in “pimp mode,”or has a prison record and is willing to share what little he has; and you have other things in common such as reading, computers, dancing, theater, church etc., give him a chance to love you!   I say ladies, broaden your horizons and look at a tenderloin more closely.  The economics may not be just right, but if you’re both in the same mind set, your feelings in sync, and he has plenty of common sense and good conversation, then it is worth a shot!

 ain’t in “pimp mode”


A MEMO TO TEENAGE GIRLS: START USING YOUR BRAIN…….I am sick and tired of hearing and reading about teenage pregnancies and the girls talking as if they are not responsible for their big stomachs. On talk shows, girls 14, 15 and 16 years old are proudly telling the world about how many boys and men they already have slept with. Some even make claims that they were on birth control, but it dIdn’t work! I say, “bullsh–t ! If you take your pill everyday as the instructions dictate, you will not become pregnant. Teenage girls need to stop lying down with every Tom, Dick and Harry, or Jamal’ Jabari and Shaquille just to be liked or loved!


TRUST ME, MOST OF THESE YOUNG HOT STUDS are not in like or love…..It is just plain old’ lust. They just want to knock boots…and fatherhood is not the ultimate goal! I remember years ago when I read that a young boy hired someone to kill his pregnant girlfriend because he didn’t care to be a father. This type of violence is more prevalent than you might think…It just does not always hit the news. We have so many beautiful and intelligent young girls who are having babies as if that is the only thing to do…lie down, neglect birth control, have a good orgasm —and most times, getting no orgasm — and then become pregnant. This is so sad. Bringing a life into the world is not supposed to be taken lightly . A baby grows up and, depending on its upbringing can become a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or a future criminal in America!
GIRLS, GIRLS, GOD HAS Given you the parts that enable you to give life . Please stop overusing and abusing God’s gift. Close your legs and start using your brain and common sense. Babies deserve love, discipline, understanding and more love. Close your legs to these young guys running around your neighborhoods with their pants practically hanging on the ground! I am calling you girls out because no matter how much you have sex, if you use birth control, he absolutely cannot get you pregnant…..that is why I say you are responsible for your big stomach! BELIEVE ME ….YOU HAVE THE CONTROL AND NEVER, EVER FORGET THAT! Peace and love!
YEAH, I SAID IT! Stella in the City!


THE ICONIC POET AND WRITER MAYA ANGELOU made her transition at age 86 on May 28 at her home in Winston Salem, North Carolina. She was and always will be the “Queen of the Spoken Word” and a phenomenal woman of poise and distinction. She is now resting in the arms and sitting on the lap of God (I believe) and still speaking words of wisdom and truth. Her name alone is worthy of attention and that is why my feeling and praise of this renowned, influential, wonderful and giving diva …yes, she was a diva in the truest sense… expressed in my own personal breakdown of her name.


M -Magnificent…… A – Amazing …..Y – Young at heart ……A– Awesome …….

A – Admirable ……N -Notable……G-Great and good heart……E– Eloquent and Elegant……L-Loving….. O – Orator extraordinaire ……U -Unbelievably believable

YEAH, I absolutely said it….Stella in the City!


IT HAS BEEN SAID OVER AND OVER BY liberals In this country that “evidence shows that the death penalty doesn’t effectively deter crime.” So it appears that due to this theory alot of states have banned the death penalty. Illinois has done the same in recent years…but I for one have always felt and have expressed my feelings numerous times, when I was doing my column at the Sun-Times, that the death penalty needed to be amended to when a person commits a reprehensible, vicious and unGodly murder, and if there is indisputable proof of guilt aka guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, and I mean there is NO doubt that the individual committed the crime on an innocent victim, that person should be given an eternal dirt nap …like the victim. In other words: That killer should not be given a “get -out -of -going to -the -grave -free card” nor three hots and a cot on taxpayers’ dime! To me, it is a different story if say you had to kill someone to protect your life or the life of a friend or a loved one. There are exceptions and justifiable situations. But, if a person kills just to be mean and to see another human being suffer and bleed….that .should not be tolerated in this society.
I AM REVISITING THESE FEELINGS since hearing the news about the “botched ” execution of convicted killer, Clayton Lockett, 38, in Oklahoma, who had been on death row since being found guilty of the cruel and in humane killing of an innocent 19-year-old named Stephanie Neiman in 1999, two weeks after her graduation from high school . Stephanie and a friend interrupted a robbery being committed by Lockett and two accomplices at a friend’s house. To make a long story short, Neiman and her gal pal along with the male owner of the house, were beaten, duct taped and driven to a secluded spot where her friend was repeatedly raped and beaten, but Neiman, who was not too cooperative, was severely beaten and forced to watch the men dig her grave. Lockett then shot her with a shotgun and they buried her while she was still ALIVE. Her friends were let go because they promised not to tell…but thank God they did.
ON APRIL 29, LOCKETT was on the execution table and prepared to receive a humane lethal injection and when it did not kill him in a timely fashion, it has been reported that “he appeared to be in pain and struggling to sit up minutes after he was pronounced unconscious and then began ‘writhing and bucking’ on the gurney.” He later died of an apparent heart attack.
FOLKS SAY THAT THE DEATH PENALTY is not a deterrent to crime….I say maybe it is not…but one thing is for sure….Lockett has been deterred permanently. Society will not have to deal with his mean behind no more. So, all you bleeding heart liberals and good hearted people, who are feeling sorry that he was given his due process….I say “BOO HOO…..AND GET OVER IT!” He got to live 15 years longer than poor Stephanie, who her friends say, was a nice girl, quick to smile, worked at her church and was an only child! Just try to imagine being buried alive….just imagine! Yeah, I said it…Stella In the City!


LA Clipper owner Donald Sterling made the mistake of talking out loud to the wrong person thus putting his real thoughts about blacks on display…I am sure other owners may feel the same in their brain, but have been fortunate not to be caught on tape and have sense enough to keep their true racial feelings to themselves. After all, money reigns supreme and since more than 70% of the NBA is comprised of black men who can jump, the majority of those owners know it is wise to keep their mouths shut! The players make money…and the owners make even more money!
STERLING, 81, probably in his decades of ownership of the Clippers, has seen his fill of Black players hooked up and coveting white and other non-African American women…..even though I am sure alot of the black ballers are married to sisters, but the press seems to want to only chase and photograph the swirl couples. Sterling also knows he cannot compete with the brothers on or off the court. His bank is long enough to pull a young mistress…and he knows he is nothing more than a super sugar daddy, who has to pay the cost to be the boss. And, maybe his woman taking a picture with the very married Magic Johnson, who is a known womanizer, was just too much for his little head to handle.

I THINK BLACK PEOPLE will never not see or experience racism in some form because even if a parade of 10,000 black doctors marched down Michigan Avenue, some white folks will still probably think “look at all of those Ninjas!” Personally, in the land of the free, you should be allowed to hang out with whomever you please….and black men freely do just that! Sterling should be kicked out of the elite sports owners circle, and I am happy that this man, who strangely resembles actor Mickey Rourke, has been banned from the game for life and fined $2.5 million by the new NBA commissioner, Adam Silver.

LETS FACE IT, this is not the first time Sterling has shown or has exposed his racist underwear…it’s just that this time, his pants were on the ground! Yeah, I said it….Stella in the City!

I know the KKK and skin heads are celebrating

FOLKS HAVE BEEN SAYING TO ME THAT I SHOULD POST MORE ON MY FACEBOOK BECAUSE my writing is very conversational, controversial and inspires people to really give their opinions about the subjects that I have the nerve and the audacity to write about! But, as you all know by now, my precious blog followers, I say what I say and I do not back down, and I respect all opinions, and I try to respond to my fb family as much as possible.
NOW WITH THAT SAID…..I HAVE SOME THOUGHTS to share with you all: I was listening to the news, and as usual in Chicago these days, if the weather gets even slightly warm, the ninjas get restless and decide that it is time to come out of hood hibernation and go on the hunt to shoot and kill in their own community. So, when I heard that 32 or 36 people were shot and four killed one weekend and on Easter Weekend 44 shot and 8 dead, I tried my best to cry about it…but in Chi Town we have gotten so use to hearing this type of tragic news about ninjas, that I just say “Really?, Ain’t no way that could be happening in Chicago! Ha!” So I ask myself, “Self, what are some of the issues that have impacted our beautiful and strong black people and has brought some folks to a stage of not loving and appreciating themselves and others?”

I CAME UP WITH SLAVERY, BABIES HAVING BABIES, GANGSTA’ RAP MUSIC AND RAUNCY VIDEOS, EASY ACCESS TO DRUGS AND GUNS, LACK OF FATHERS IN THE HOME, AND BLACK MEN PUTTING OTHER WOMEN OVER THEIR OWN (even if they put out a sex tape aka Kim Kardashian)! These few issues, needless to say, has had an impact on the education of our kids and why a generation of kids think you spell school …skool and enough…enuf!

NOW I WANT TO REMIND EVERYONE that over 2 years ago I wrote in my Sun-times column that the Mayor and the police superintendent needed to bring in the National Guard in the crime ridden neighborhoods or allow police to start doing their job again by stopping, searching and looking for guns when a car appears to be suspicious. Even though our so-called ‘Black Leaders’ and politicians will be quick to say it is racial profiling, we have to understand it is not ‘RACIAL’ profiling it is ‘BEHAVIORIAL’ profiling. We are killing each other… we are not killing other races… we are killing each other.

Don’t be shocked if a white cop has to stop and harass some ‘THUGS’ – in the black community, after all that is where all the shootings are happening not in other communities. YEAH, I SAID IT… what do you say other than Stella is tripping’? Stella in the Cit