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HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my 5,000 plus followers.  I wish you all a wonderful, prosperous, healthy and a very safe 2017. I will never understand why Chicago has become the “MURDER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD”!    Ha!   I am kiddin’!  You know damn well I am not shocked at all!  I have been telling black folks for years that the murder rate in Chi Town would soon be so out of control that no one will be safe. I was the first journalist to say the NATIONAL GUARD needs to come here to help out our police.  BUT NOOOOOOOO!    Liberal black folks in Chicago thought that bringing in the NATIONAL GUARD would be a mistake and that martial law would work against. Black people!   Our people crack me up with that type of talk, especially when blacks are the ones dying in our streets!   I have come to the conclusion that black people just are ok with other black folks dying.  And you know we have elite, aristocratic blacks who have not been touched with violence, yet always want to remind folks that we were enslaved 400 years ago and that systematic racism is why we should not get upset about us killing us because the white man trained us to hate us!

YOU KNOW CHICAGO IS THE MURDER CAPITAL THANKS TO OUR PEOPLE KILLING EACH OTHER.   IT HAS nothing to do with white cops shooting us!  If you think I am wrong, look up the murder stats!   Please explain to me why another minority…..HISPANICS……are not killing each other like we are?  After all, they are a minority, they have a lack of jobs, they are under employed …yet, they are not slaughtering each other like minority blacks!  I remember a conversation with a liberal black person,  who said that I cannot compare Hispanics to blacks!  I  just did not understand why in that individual’s mind, there was no comparison! Ha!   To this very day, I still cannot understand why blacks and Hispanics are considered different!   WE are minorities, no jobs, under paid and living in poverty!   So why are we not in the same boat….and why are they not killing each other in these  alarming numbers like we are?  Why do they appreciate their families more than we do our own?  Only difference I see is that they speak Spanish and we allegedly speak English…or some say Ebonics!

YOU KNOW AS LONG AS BLACK LIBERALS make excuses for why blacks are killing blacks, we will remain forever under siege in our neighborhoods.  Giving every black a job will not stop all this senseless killing .  Black people have to get back to fearing God and having a righteous soul…..and learn again to love and respect each other!    Can you imagine a world where blacks are continuing to wipe out each other year after year after year?


PLEASE START WRITING TO THE POWERS THAT BE TO ask for the NATIONAL GUARD TO come to Chicago to help our police, who now are not policing or give a crap about arresting thugs in black communities because the asshole Black Lives Matter are into their own agenda …and if they were truly caring about us…..they would get just as
Pissed off with blacks killing blacks as they are about cops shooting a black!

GET REAL!  AND speaking of jobs, African American small businesses are closing throughout this city…no thanks to the federal government.  Have you noticed that the restaurants in the black communities have Hispanic bus boys instead of blacks?  That is because Hispanics will go into any neighborhood to work and make a living for their families.  Our young people think they are too good for those types of jobs!  That is why I say we have to start loving each other….because no matter what the job….killing is no solution…LOVE IS!….BLACK POWER SHOULD NOW STAND FOR THE POWER TO LOVE AND CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER AGAIN….And I do not mean getting young girls pregnant and running off!


IF NOT THE NATIONAL GUARD….THEN  the NATION OF ISLAM’S Fruit of Islam soldiers is the only answer for our people even more so than the National Guard…..
MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN and his men will and can bring law and order and faith back into the lives of struggling black men and women!

YEAH, I SAID IT AGAIN …THE FRUIT OF ISLAM MEN CAN SAVE OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS!   TRUST AND BELIEVE,!    JUST THINK About IT :  When was the last time you read that one of Farrakhan’s followers committed a murder in the black or white community?



BLACK LIVES MATTER IS A NEW ORGANIZATION designed AND SETUP because some black women were
fed up with the state of violence against black bodies and to take a stand against police brutality and other forms of violence by bringing attention to these issues through solidarity in the black community. I understand that BLACK LIVES MATTER is an organization created by black women concerned about the killing of Michael Brown in Missouri, by a white cop that brought about rioting in Ferguson and the burning down of many businesses,including businesses owned by blacks!

I SAY BLACK LIVES MATTER ONLY WHEN A WHITE PERSON KILLS A black person.   Let’s call a spade a spade!  We only care about  a black life when a misguided and racist CAUCASIAN COP Kills a black person.  YOU MAY want to say that is not true,..but you know your ass is lying!.  Most times when we as black folks read about an African -American being shot dead…it is NOT by a white cop…and you know it!   But your so-called leaders choose to sweep our killing one another in the hood  under the rug like it is no big thing.  I Have always said that racist cops should be weeded out of every police precinct across America  because they do not belong in the system…and the same holds true for any mean trigger -happy black cop….none should be tolerated no matter what color!  But let’s stop BULLSHITTING about  what is really going on in the black communities across the nation:  We are killing each other in the hood at an alarming rate…yet our bobble head leaders…and they know and you know who they are,  choose to ignore the TRUTH ABOUT ” BLACKACIDE ” IN THIS COUNTRY!

SURE BLACK LIVES MATTER….BUT ONLY WHEN A WHITE PERSON TAKES A BLACK LIFE!  Otherwise,  we, as a people, do not give a damn about the innocent and decent 27-year-old black mail carrier in Chicago, who was recently shot  in his own car on the way to his job and the excellent Urban Prep student,  who was looking forward to going to college, but wound up gunned down and sprawled out on a street in Chicago with bullet wounds for no good reason.  We did not hear a peep out of President Obama or his good pal, Al Sharpton, who holds the distinguish title of being invited to the White House more than anyone during this administration.
NO BLACK PEOPLE…BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER…AND YOU ALL KNOW IT…WHITE FOLKS KNOW IT BECAUSE WHITE FOLKS IN MEDIA ARE THE FIRST ONES TO LET YOU KNOW THAT WE ARE KILLING EACH OTHER!  And our so-called black leaders not talking publicly about what we are doing to each other, will not change the truth!
SO RIOT ALL YOU WANT BLACK FOLKS IN FERGUSON AND ELSEWHERE..BECAUSE NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNTIL WE START LOVING EACH OTHER and not killing each other.   So, the BLACK LIVES MATTER ORGANIZATION CAN KISS MY BLACK ASS!  And if you are wondering what can you do …do not be that black person out there killing one of your own people!



  SOOOOOOOOOOOO  MY FACEBOOK FAMILY…ANOTHER INNOCENT TEEN WAS robbed and gun downed in Englewood by four thugs the other day JUST because they wanted his coat. The intended victim’s IDENTICAL  twin brother died trying to defend him from the robbers.  I  was so shocked to read that the perpetrators were young black men!   I JUST COULD NOT BELIEVE A YOUNG BLACK MAN LOST HIS LIFE OVER A COAT…I thought they only kill you for your shoes or over a chicken wing!
HEY, I THOUGHT IT WOULD HAVE MOST LIKELY HAVE BEEN FOUR WHITE TRIGGER -HAPPY cops or a trigger -happy black officer WHO SHOT THAT KID!  So, you know I just could not phantom that beautiful 15-year-old student, who will never go home again to the waiting arms of his family, was actually shot by a black!  Imagine that!      AND now where are the protesters that were shutting down Michigan avenue Crying ” NO JUSTICE …NO PEACE!”? And I bet you that the first responders on that crime scene were white cops who had to look at the hole in that boy’s chest…..imagine that! They have to again, and again, and again, witness the carnage of blacks killing each other like two-legged trigger -happy  animals in our streets!
I WILL CONTINUE TO SAY THAT THERE ARE DEFINITELY RACIST WHITE COPS , AND PROBABLY BLACK ONES, too, who have many civilian complaints against them for excessive force and abuse…..and those bad cops need to be challenged and kicked out of every police department in this country.  And if involved in a shooting, should be duly processed and put on trial before a jury and explain what exactly happened.    I REFUSE TO BELIEVE ALL COPS ARE BAD…and if blacks were not so busy being violent, you would not have to see so many WHITE COPS PATROLLING OUR STREETS!  AND IF SOMEONE IS KICKING YOUR BEHIND, WHO YOU GONNA CALL, GHOSTBUSTERS?   NO!  Cops, and you will not care if he is black or white as long as he saves your black ass!
15-year-old Demario Bailey, who with his IDENTICAL twin, Demacio, were walking to basketball practice at  their Johnson College Prep charter school, are now in deep grief and mourning beyond pain over their child, who I would say had a bright future ahead of him.

stella-stopthe violence
AND CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS YOUNG MAN’S IDENTICAL TWIN BROTHER HAVING TO LOOK DOWN ON HIS TWIN’S FACE in a casket….seeing a mirror of himself? The emotional toll on this young man will disturb and haunt him for the rest of his life.  TWINS have a bond that is unbelievable and unbreakable! THINK about this family and the many blacks that have died at the hands of other blacks since Michael Brown and Eric Garner were shot by white cops….and I weep for them…but these two boys definitely deserved better!
SO BOBBLE-HEAD AL SHARPTON and the rest of our so-called leaders can keep protesting….but I am much more concerned about what I call “BLACKACIDE”,  I AM NOT WORRIED ABOUT THE TRIGGER-HAPPY WHITE COPS…AS MUCH AS I AM WORRIED ABOUT ALL THE TRIGGER – HAPPY BLACK THUGS ROAMING OUR NEIGHBORHOODS!     And I will keep saying it…I DO NOT CARE IF you like it or not my people.    ASK THAT BOY’S family how they are feeling right now and forever more…knowing that beautiful young boy did not live to enjoy Christmas or another birthday or be able to vote.   And our politicians say little or nothing…and you think they would be more concerned since future young voters are now populating the cemeteries!     YOU DO NOT READ ABOUT MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN’S Nation of Islam members  shooting each other down on the streets of Chicago…AND I DOUBT THAT YOU EVER WILL!   That is true black -on -black love!

I know the KKK and skin heads are celebrating

FOLKS HAVE BEEN SAYING TO ME THAT I SHOULD POST MORE ON MY FACEBOOK BECAUSE my writing is very conversational, controversial and inspires people to really give their opinions about the subjects that I have the nerve and the audacity to write about! But, as you all know by now, my precious blog followers, I say what I say and I do not back down, and I respect all opinions, and I try to respond to my fb family as much as possible.
NOW WITH THAT SAID…..I HAVE SOME THOUGHTS to share with you all: I was listening to the news, and as usual in Chicago these days, if the weather gets even slightly warm, the ninjas get restless and decide that it is time to come out of hood hibernation and go on the hunt to shoot and kill in their own community. So, when I heard that 32 or 36 people were shot and four killed one weekend and on Easter Weekend 44 shot and 8 dead, I tried my best to cry about it…but in Chi Town we have gotten so use to hearing this type of tragic news about ninjas, that I just say “Really?, Ain’t no way that could be happening in Chicago! Ha!” So I ask myself, “Self, what are some of the issues that have impacted our beautiful and strong black people and has brought some folks to a stage of not loving and appreciating themselves and others?”

I CAME UP WITH SLAVERY, BABIES HAVING BABIES, GANGSTA’ RAP MUSIC AND RAUNCY VIDEOS, EASY ACCESS TO DRUGS AND GUNS, LACK OF FATHERS IN THE HOME, AND BLACK MEN PUTTING OTHER WOMEN OVER THEIR OWN (even if they put out a sex tape aka Kim Kardashian)! These few issues, needless to say, has had an impact on the education of our kids and why a generation of kids think you spell school …skool and enough…enuf!

NOW I WANT TO REMIND EVERYONE that over 2 years ago I wrote in my Sun-times column that the Mayor and the police superintendent needed to bring in the National Guard in the crime ridden neighborhoods or allow police to start doing their job again by stopping, searching and looking for guns when a car appears to be suspicious. Even though our so-called ‘Black Leaders’ and politicians will be quick to say it is racial profiling, we have to understand it is not ‘RACIAL’ profiling it is ‘BEHAVIORIAL’ profiling. We are killing each other… we are not killing other races… we are killing each other.

Don’t be shocked if a white cop has to stop and harass some ‘THUGS’ – in the black community, after all that is where all the shootings are happening not in other communities. YEAH, I SAID IT… what do you say other than Stella is tripping’? Stella in the Cit