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HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my 5,000 plus followers.  I wish you all a wonderful, prosperous, healthy and a very safe 2017. I will never understand why Chicago has become the “MURDER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD”!    Ha!   I am kiddin’!  You know damn well I am not shocked at all!  I have been telling black folks for years that the murder rate in Chi Town would soon be so out of control that no one will be safe. I was the first journalist to say the NATIONAL GUARD needs to come here to help out our police.  BUT NOOOOOOOO!    Liberal black folks in Chicago thought that bringing in the NATIONAL GUARD would be a mistake and that martial law would work against. Black people!   Our people crack me up with that type of talk, especially when blacks are the ones dying in our streets!   I have come to the conclusion that black people just are ok with other black folks dying.  And you know we have elite, aristocratic blacks who have not been touched with violence, yet always want to remind folks that we were enslaved 400 years ago and that systematic racism is why we should not get upset about us killing us because the white man trained us to hate us!

YOU KNOW CHICAGO IS THE MURDER CAPITAL THANKS TO OUR PEOPLE KILLING EACH OTHER.   IT HAS nothing to do with white cops shooting us!  If you think I am wrong, look up the murder stats!   Please explain to me why another minority…..HISPANICS……are not killing each other like we are?  After all, they are a minority, they have a lack of jobs, they are under employed …yet, they are not slaughtering each other like minority blacks!  I remember a conversation with a liberal black person,  who said that I cannot compare Hispanics to blacks!  I  just did not understand why in that individual’s mind, there was no comparison! Ha!   To this very day, I still cannot understand why blacks and Hispanics are considered different!   WE are minorities, no jobs, under paid and living in poverty!   So why are we not in the same boat….and why are they not killing each other in these  alarming numbers like we are?  Why do they appreciate their families more than we do our own?  Only difference I see is that they speak Spanish and we allegedly speak English…or some say Ebonics!

YOU KNOW AS LONG AS BLACK LIBERALS make excuses for why blacks are killing blacks, we will remain forever under siege in our neighborhoods.  Giving every black a job will not stop all this senseless killing .  Black people have to get back to fearing God and having a righteous soul…..and learn again to love and respect each other!    Can you imagine a world where blacks are continuing to wipe out each other year after year after year?


PLEASE START WRITING TO THE POWERS THAT BE TO ask for the NATIONAL GUARD TO come to Chicago to help our police, who now are not policing or give a crap about arresting thugs in black communities because the asshole Black Lives Matter are into their own agenda …and if they were truly caring about us…..they would get just as
Pissed off with blacks killing blacks as they are about cops shooting a black!

GET REAL!  AND speaking of jobs, African American small businesses are closing throughout this city…no thanks to the federal government.  Have you noticed that the restaurants in the black communities have Hispanic bus boys instead of blacks?  That is because Hispanics will go into any neighborhood to work and make a living for their families.  Our young people think they are too good for those types of jobs!  That is why I say we have to start loving each other….because no matter what the job….killing is no solution…LOVE IS!….BLACK POWER SHOULD NOW STAND FOR THE POWER TO LOVE AND CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER AGAIN….And I do not mean getting young girls pregnant and running off!


IF NOT THE NATIONAL GUARD….THEN  the NATION OF ISLAM’S Fruit of Islam soldiers is the only answer for our people even more so than the National Guard…..
MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN and his men will and can bring law and order and faith back into the lives of struggling black men and women!

YEAH, I SAID IT AGAIN …THE FRUIT OF ISLAM MEN CAN SAVE OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS!   TRUST AND BELIEVE,!    JUST THINK About IT :  When was the last time you read that one of Farrakhan’s followers committed a murder in the black or white community?