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LIKE I HAVE SAID 100 different ways: Each city in this country needs to strategically and legally get rid of all trigger-happy policemen, whether they are white, Hispanic or black.
Get an independent committee of regular people from different ethnic backgrounds and professions and give them the task of going through the rank-and-file cops’ case files and determine who is crazy and has had too many citizen complaints of abuse, using excessive force and involvement in one too many shootings.

AND PLEASE TRUST and believe our community need police protection more than any other segment of society..So, DO NOT LET The thugs win by grouping all law enforcement people in the same category. We will be playing into the hands of the thugs, who are busy lambasting all policemen to the point, the good cops will hesitate even more when a innocent bystander or innocent homeowner needs help in the black community. Black kids have a right to live to become senior citizens….and not sit around planning a funeral.
TRUST that these so-called “anti-all-police people” are going to wind up letting decent black people suffer even more. If we were not so busy shooting and killing each other, the need to see a white cop’s face in the hood would diminish considerably! Just think about that!

BLACK LIVES MATTER need to keep it real and fair. The high death toll in our communities are not being given the loud indignation and rage that they are expressing about policemen. Our people need jobs and good schools, but what good will that do if you are shot dead in the streets by another black? And if someone is breaking into your home at 5 p.m. Or 3a.m., will a member of the Black Lives Matter be there for you?
BEFORE ANY IMPROVEMENT COMES along, the police first have to get control of all of these shootings and killings. And the police need to be taught to shoot to wound….not kill….especially if the person is complying and is not armed! CLEAN UP THE POLICE DEPARTMENTS NATIONWIDE!

REMEMBER : Weakening and treating all cops with disdain will backfire on the black community. Like I have said many times before, THE MAYOR AND GOVERNOR will not call out the National Guard because they know it will quell some of these shootings. They will not because deep down inside they are saying to themselves …”It is really just niggaz killing niggaz. …And As long as they keep dying in their own communities….other communities will be much safer with US out of the way…and a white hood ain’t even necessary!” (Well, if I were white, I would probably be thinking just that)….And please know that all white folks are not secretly thinking these negative thoughts, but since I am not a mind reader, I am inclined to believe quite a few are rejoicing and thinking, “this is even better than sending them all BACK TO AFRICA!

HEY, I KNOW MY FOLKS ARE BUSY RIOTING AS I WRITE THIS…. After all, free stuff is free stuff even if the store owner is black! Just understand even the thugs shooting each other in these streets wind up dialing 911.