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DR.KINGGOD BLESS THE LATE GREAT CIVIL RIGHTS leader Dr. Martin Luther King for believing so much in  the the rights of black people to be treated and respected as equals to white people that he was willing to put his life on the line for his beliefs.
SO WE CELEBRATED HIS 87th birthday on Jan. 15, 2016 . The fact that this nation is still recognizing his leadership and contributions to the civil rights movement and to ending segregation is commendable , but I know he never thought that when he was unmercifully shot down by a crazy white dude on the balcony of the Lorraine Hotel on April 4, 1968, that some blacks (not all) have brought dishonor to his legacy by picking up guns and turning the guns on their own people….and have totally forgotten his incredible sacrifice and are committing murder and mayhem by the thousands within the black communities throughout this country.
SO MANY KILLINGS THAT GOD -fearing, kind and hardworking black folks are all being lumped together with the thugs and ingrates in the eyes of white people, even if they are doctors, lawyers, teachers and are upstanding decent citizens , who just want to live and enjoy their lives without ducking bullets. Whew!
REV. DR. KING , I AM SO SORRY THAT you lost your precious life and was brutally snatched from your lovely wife and children so many years ago  just so blacks aka AfricanAmericans/negroes/colored folks can live in freedom and experience equality!
DR. KING IF (unbeknownst to us) you HAVE  turned over in your grave  with your butt to the sky  in an effort to tell some of our young folks to ” kiss your black behind,” I would not blame or be mad at you!  I know you did not intend for black people to not care and be mean to one another.   I KNOW THAT WHEN YOU SAID “I have a Dream'” ….blacks killing blacks had to be the furthest  thing from your brilliant and soulful mind, body and spirit!   I pray 2016 will have less funeral processions on the streets of Chicago!



ANOTHER SENSELESS SHOOTING BY A TRIGGER HAPPY cop in Chicago. Blacks killing blacks is a sad ongoing epidemic in black communities across this country …and now the younger cops on the force apparently have been raised up on the same violent shows, movies and games that continue to saturate media outlets constantly in this country. These cops are scared and do not want to die at the hands of a perp so they are not thinking before they shoot, and they shoot to kill because that is what they are taught to do in the Police Academy. A perp swinging a bat, knife or a stick should be tasered …..NOT SHOT! You know that old saying: “Do not bring a knife to a gunfight.” A policeman with a level head should know that it is not necessary to shoot a person who is threatening a cop with something other than a gun.
MAYOR RAHM EMANUEL you must go through the rank and file in our Chicago Police Department and FIRE COPS WHo have a record for unnecessary abuse and violent acts against civilians. If you do not do this, this city will be up for grabs. And policemen must be judged and go before a jury just like any other person who commits a crime. An unjustified murder of an individual by a policeman must be handled fairly and without favoritism.
WE ALL KNOW THAT POLICEMEN are very loyal and protective of one another and will definitely lie, cheat and plant evidence to cover up for a fellow officer.
MAYOR you must appoint another committee to painstakingly go through police files and pull the cops who have been repeatedly called racist, mean, abusive and using unnecessary excessive force. We know you cannot fire everyone and start from scratch…but you must let the people know that you are going to set up a police force whereas the men and women have compassion, kindness, honesty, integrity and will do a good job of protecting and serving the public. There are thugs on the street carrying illegal firearms and you have thugs in the police department carrying legal firearms.
GETTING RID OF THE TRIGGER HAPPY cops is a must. Police carry tasers…well they better start using them instead of just shooting to kill…or you will have a real uprising on your hands in Chi Town. And do not be surprised to see me among the protesters. It is bad enough that we are killing each other…..we do not need any help from the police! YEAH I SAID IT!