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GET RID OF THE BAD APPLES (And I am not talking about fruit!)

The violent Death of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald at the hands of a trigger happy Chicago  cop by the name of Jason Van Dyke, has sent shock waves throughout Chicago and the nation. In case you have been living under a rock, McDonald was shot 16 times by Van Dyke on a Chicago street in October 2014. It is being said that this kid was hopped up on PCP and was brandishing a knife that he used to flatten the tires on a police vehicle.
The shooting of this kid was recorded by a police dashboard cam and though there was no doubt this young teen was mercilessly massacred by this racist cop, the video did not surface until November  2015 and that was because a judge  ordered that the graphic  video  be released to the public.  The killing of this  kid was just horrifying to hear about….but it plays into what I have been saying all along:  IN EVERY CITY AND STATE the police stations need to get rid of all the policemen who have alot of complaints of excessive force and abuse of power.
PEOPLE KEEP SAYING WHAT CAN be done to cut down on the shooting of black kids  by law enforcement officers?.  I have written over and over that the first step is to weed out the bad cops.  This case is a perfect example of what I have been saying.
          VAN DYKE HAD A history of civilian complaints for excessive force and abuse of power.  In fact,  a jury awarded  a local man $350,000 because he accused this crazy cop of abusive behavior during a traffic stop.  It took 13 months for this cop to be charged for McDonald’s savage murder even though Van Dyke already had at least 20 or more complaints and two lawsuits filed against him.  So, now my readers should understand why I continuously say that : ALL COPS ARE NOT BAD COPS…..YOU HAVE TO FIRE THE COPS WHO HAVE ANGER ISSUES AND ARE TRIGGER HAPPY!  Let’s face it, we need police because our communities are under attack from within.  IN other words,  let’s keep it real….we are killing each other in record numbers.
     IN FACT, BESIDES the threat by MUSLIM TERRORIST/EXTREMIST, which for some strange reason, President Obama refuses to call them Muslim extremist, BLACKS still have to deal with all the shootings and killing taking place on a daily basis in the black communities.
       BELIEVE ME, that slab that McDonald’s body occupied in the Cook County Morgue probably was full of other black men and women who were not killed by a white racist cop.  Think about what I just said!  Where is  the outcry about all those other black bodies piled up in the morgue?  Why are their lives not being thought about or written about?

OUR SO-CALLED BLACK leaders only seem to put fire under their butts when someone white kills a black.   All Black Lives Matter….but it seems

Like that message is not getting thru to black people.

      Protesters in Chicago have been peacefully marching downtown and on Michigan Avenue to  put the spotlight on this vicious murder of the teen, who only had a small knife…Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently ousted Police superintendent Gary McCarthy, and folks are asking that State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez step down for her role in not dealing with this hot case in a timely manner. There has been a real public outcry to get rid of the authorities  who obviously were covering up this case. And the family of the  kid was quietly paid over $5 million dollars by the city.

VAN DYKE WILL SURELY be tried and sent to jail hell for life……but this type of killing will happen again if the powers that be do not sit down and  patiently go thru all the background records of the policemen who are patrolling our streets and conduct more psychological evaluations. I mean the black ones and the white ones and anybody in between. All cops with numerous complaints of abuse…..SHOULD BE KICKED OFF THE POLICE FORCE…. if they are found guilty of excessive force.

Ing massacre takes they are just as scared of being shot as you would be….ALL LIVES MATTER!
           Yeah, I said it….Stella in the city!