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HEY MY PRECIOUS  FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS, I DECIDED TO WAIT closer to Mother’s Day to give praise and accolades to a Baltimore mother whose name happens to be Toya Graham. In case that name is not resonating in your memory….just think about how a few weeks ago during the senseless Baltimore riots, a camera focused on a scene where a young woman was repeatedly slapping, cursing and pushing a young black teen, who was dressed in black, was wearing  a hoodie with a mask around his face and carrying a brick in his hand.  Well, when you first see this viral video, people  really didn’t understand what was going on because it is rare that you see a woman attacking a young boy the way she was going upside his head and he was not retaliating.

WELL, IT TURNS out that that teen was 16-year-old Michael, Toya’s son. “ I was out there to save my child,” Toya said.    Personally, I choose not to talk about the riots and the free shopping because If you are in my FB family and keep up with my articles, you can easily surmise my thoughts on people burning down their own hood.
TOYA, a single parent, who also has five daughters,  was not playing and was fearing that her only son could easily wind up dead in the street with all the mayhem, violence and thugs burning cars, businesses and bricks being thrown at the police.
THAT VIDEO BECAME the lead story on all  the NETWORKS worldwide, and the Internet  was ablaze with comments praising and saluting this mom for showing tough love.  She became an instant sensation with the media clamoring  to interview this outspoken and fearless mom.
I LOVED THE FACT that her son admitted on CNN that he was “embarrassed a little bit, until she (his mom) just started talking to him at the home.  She was just telling me she did it because she cares about me and it wasn’t to embarrass me, but because she cared.”
ALSO IN A TV interview, Toya said, “Michael is my only son and my everything. I yanked him off the streets to save him from being the next Freddie Gray.”  Gray’ died while in the hands of six police officers, which sparked the devestation in Baltimore.
 I THINK TOYA WAS BUSY  trying to avoid ever having to pick out a coffin  and a nice suit to make him “casket sharp,” or have to put together a loving funeral program with pictures of family and  friends, which we see waaaaaaaaaay too often in the black community.  Young folks are being buried at an alarming rate in black communities
I  HAVE SAID, many times, that “the mean and trigger happy policemen, whether black or white, have  to be sorted out from the good ones because like it or not, they are the ones that we have to count on when the ninjas are busy shooting each other in the hood.   And I still say:  If we cut down on killing each other, the less white cops you would see in the hood.
SO BRAVO AND KUDOS TO TOYA GRAHAM, WHO should be named MOTHER of the YEAR for showing that there are parents out here trying to do the right thing to make sure their kids are doing the right thing!   And for the bleeding heart liberals who feel she should not have hit him….get over it ….get your life!
YEAH, I SAID IT….Stella In the City!