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BLACK LIVES MATTER IS A NEW ORGANIZATION designed AND SETUP because some black women were
fed up with the state of violence against black bodies and to take a stand against police brutality and other forms of violence by bringing attention to these issues through solidarity in the black community. I understand that BLACK LIVES MATTER is an organization created by black women concerned about the killing of Michael Brown in Missouri, by a white cop that brought about rioting in Ferguson and the burning down of many businesses,including businesses owned by blacks!

I SAY BLACK LIVES MATTER ONLY WHEN A WHITE PERSON KILLS A black person.   Let’s call a spade a spade!  We only care about  a black life when a misguided and racist CAUCASIAN COP Kills a black person.  YOU MAY want to say that is not true,..but you know your ass is lying!.  Most times when we as black folks read about an African -American being shot dead…it is NOT by a white cop…and you know it!   But your so-called leaders choose to sweep our killing one another in the hood  under the rug like it is no big thing.  I Have always said that racist cops should be weeded out of every police precinct across America  because they do not belong in the system…and the same holds true for any mean trigger -happy black cop….none should be tolerated no matter what color!  But let’s stop BULLSHITTING about  what is really going on in the black communities across the nation:  We are killing each other in the hood at an alarming rate…yet our bobble head leaders…and they know and you know who they are,  choose to ignore the TRUTH ABOUT ” BLACKACIDE ” IN THIS COUNTRY!

SURE BLACK LIVES MATTER….BUT ONLY WHEN A WHITE PERSON TAKES A BLACK LIFE!  Otherwise,  we, as a people, do not give a damn about the innocent and decent 27-year-old black mail carrier in Chicago, who was recently shot  in his own car on the way to his job and the excellent Urban Prep student,  who was looking forward to going to college, but wound up gunned down and sprawled out on a street in Chicago with bullet wounds for no good reason.  We did not hear a peep out of President Obama or his good pal, Al Sharpton, who holds the distinguish title of being invited to the White House more than anyone during this administration.
NO BLACK PEOPLE…BLACK LIVES DO NOT MATTER…AND YOU ALL KNOW IT…WHITE FOLKS KNOW IT BECAUSE WHITE FOLKS IN MEDIA ARE THE FIRST ONES TO LET YOU KNOW THAT WE ARE KILLING EACH OTHER!  And our so-called black leaders not talking publicly about what we are doing to each other, will not change the truth!
SO RIOT ALL YOU WANT BLACK FOLKS IN FERGUSON AND ELSEWHERE..BECAUSE NOTHING WILL CHANGE UNTIL WE START LOVING EACH OTHER and not killing each other.   So, the BLACK LIVES MATTER ORGANIZATION CAN KISS MY BLACK ASS!  And if you are wondering what can you do …do not be that black person out there killing one of your own people!