SOOOOOOOOOOOO  MY FACEBOOK FAMILY…ANOTHER INNOCENT TEEN WAS robbed and gun downed in Englewood by four thugs the other day JUST because they wanted his coat. The intended victim’s IDENTICAL  twin brother died trying to defend him from the robbers.  I  was so shocked to read that the perpetrators were young black men!   I JUST COULD NOT BELIEVE A YOUNG BLACK MAN LOST HIS LIFE OVER A COAT…I thought they only kill you for your shoes or over a chicken wing!
HEY, I THOUGHT IT WOULD HAVE MOST LIKELY HAVE BEEN FOUR WHITE TRIGGER -HAPPY cops or a trigger -happy black officer WHO SHOT THAT KID!  So, you know I just could not phantom that beautiful 15-year-old student, who will never go home again to the waiting arms of his family, was actually shot by a black!  Imagine that!      AND now where are the protesters that were shutting down Michigan avenue Crying ” NO JUSTICE …NO PEACE!”? And I bet you that the first responders on that crime scene were white cops who had to look at the hole in that boy’s chest…..imagine that! They have to again, and again, and again, witness the carnage of blacks killing each other like two-legged trigger -happy  animals in our streets!
I WILL CONTINUE TO SAY THAT THERE ARE DEFINITELY RACIST WHITE COPS , AND PROBABLY BLACK ONES, too, who have many civilian complaints against them for excessive force and abuse…..and those bad cops need to be challenged and kicked out of every police department in this country.  And if involved in a shooting, should be duly processed and put on trial before a jury and explain what exactly happened.    I REFUSE TO BELIEVE ALL COPS ARE BAD…and if blacks were not so busy being violent, you would not have to see so many WHITE COPS PATROLLING OUR STREETS!  AND IF SOMEONE IS KICKING YOUR BEHIND, WHO YOU GONNA CALL, GHOSTBUSTERS?   NO!  Cops, and you will not care if he is black or white as long as he saves your black ass!
15-year-old Demario Bailey, who with his IDENTICAL twin, Demacio, were walking to basketball practice at  their Johnson College Prep charter school, are now in deep grief and mourning beyond pain over their child, who I would say had a bright future ahead of him.

stella-stopthe violence
AND CAN YOU IMAGINE THIS YOUNG MAN’S IDENTICAL TWIN BROTHER HAVING TO LOOK DOWN ON HIS TWIN’S FACE in a casket….seeing a mirror of himself? The emotional toll on this young man will disturb and haunt him for the rest of his life.  TWINS have a bond that is unbelievable and unbreakable! THINK about this family and the many blacks that have died at the hands of other blacks since Michael Brown and Eric Garner were shot by white cops….and I weep for them…but these two boys definitely deserved better!
SO BOBBLE-HEAD AL SHARPTON and the rest of our so-called leaders can keep protesting….but I am much more concerned about what I call “BLACKACIDE”,  I AM NOT WORRIED ABOUT THE TRIGGER-HAPPY WHITE COPS…AS MUCH AS I AM WORRIED ABOUT ALL THE TRIGGER – HAPPY BLACK THUGS ROAMING OUR NEIGHBORHOODS!     And I will keep saying it…I DO NOT CARE IF you like it or not my people.    ASK THAT BOY’S family how they are feeling right now and forever more…knowing that beautiful young boy did not live to enjoy Christmas or another birthday or be able to vote.   And our politicians say little or nothing…and you think they would be more concerned since future young voters are now populating the cemeteries!     YOU DO NOT READ ABOUT MINISTER LOUIS FARRAKHAN’S Nation of Islam members  shooting each other down on the streets of Chicago…AND I DOUBT THAT YOU EVER WILL!   That is true black -on -black love!


About stellafoster

Stella Foster is a retired columnist writer who has contributed to the Chicago Sun-Times for 43 years. Well known for the trailblazing path she has created for other columnist writers and her fearlessness, candor, and strong principles while covering the most entertaining stories relating (but not limited) to, celebrities, community events, and black-on-black crime.

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  1. I love what you say and think.. Yes I said it!

  2. Well-said! You have said everything that I was thinking! Keep on speaking sister!!

  3. WTF!? Don’t use Demario Bailey’s murder for your stupid race baiting agenda!

    FYI, There is nothing for them to protest for other than the violence it self, which is always protested in chicago! Demario’s killers are already in Jail and more people continue to be charged. Can’t say the same for Brown & Garner.

    R.I.P. Demario!

  4. Empathy and sympathy for all involved in the tragedy. Wondering though what you consider to be the source of this so-called “Blackicide”? How about such an effective and entrenched marginalization of black people (globally, but a particularly well-structured, generational campaign here in the Land if the Free) that the targets have taken the destruction upon themselves? We didn’t just wake up like this, it’s the result of a nightmare unprecedented in recorded history. Until we admit the root, the myth of black inferiority grows. The good minister has preached the truth of white privilege and black demonization for decades — and he has been demonized for it, though his followers seem to exhibit a culture of self-worth, discipline and pride. Meanwhile we act as if black on black crime is more offensive than white on white. 85% of whites killed by violence are killed by whites. We slap the thug label on our children crippled by a peculiar American nightmare. If that’s all they are, they will excel at it.

  5. Stella, what’s taking place in our city and our country is one tragedy after another. Your words says it all, and I can’t begin to imagine the pain and sorrow the families of these victims have to live through. It’s beyond my comprehension, but I feel it in my heart. I hope you’re feeling better, and want to wish you peace during this holiday season, and good health this coming year. Our friendship is high on my list of things to be grateful for.

  6. thank you…the indignation of a nation should pour forth. NOTHING justifies this tragedy. Sorrow,outrage, and heart felt grief do not adequately express our feelings.

  7. Right On Stella! Someone has to say it and keep saying it. Black on Black crime is more prevalent and has been for a long time, but does not get the attention. Also, Parents should be held accountable for these CHILDREN committing these crimes. If parents choose to ignore what’s going on in their home they should be held responsible. If parents don’t show up at the school for parent-teacher conference they should be held responsible. If parents put their children out of the home before they are 18, they should be held accountable. If parents collecting GOVERNMENT MONEY because they chose to be Foster Parents, and they ignore these children, THEY need to be HELD ACCOUNTABLE. So Right On Stella! and YES I Said That!

  8. This is a sad story and that coat was his property. I hope they get rid of the guns and these
    young people get jobs or go back to school.

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