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IN YOUR LIFETIME AS A WOMAN, HAVE You ever passed up a fine, young  man who was winking and flirting with you and asked you out, but you turned him down because you just knew he was far too young for you?   And when you looked at him, the thought of having to burp him crossed your mind?   Well, in this day and age and with the shortage of men going on, it is becoming more and more common to hear about and see older women, even in their sixties, dating younger men. And there is no shame in their game!

          I AM ALWAYS HAPPY TO HEAR about women well into their 40s, 50s and up, who are getting additional loving.  After all, it has always been acceptable In this society for an old geezer to date or marry a woman who could easily be mistaken for his daughter or granddaughter.  I have seen old guys at the club, proudly flaunting their young tender things, who they would like to believe truly loves them and thinks that his wrinkles are sexy and the fact that he still can dance like James Brown is a plus!  The women their age, have to sit back and watch and hope some older guy will at least say hello to them.  In this society, even if the older woman is far more attractive than the younger woman, and has kept everything right and tight, the younger woman most likely will still  get over, primarily because she has not been on the planet as long!
       THE OLDER GUYS ARE TOO stupid to realize that the younger she looks, the older he looks.  What are nice, seasoned women supposed to do, especially if they have outlived their husbands, who really consumed the best years of their lives? Should they forget about sex and love because the men in their age group are no longer checking for them?
      WHAT ARE OLDER WOMEN supposed to do if men their equal are busy trolling the school yards for hot girls?  The answer is…..for a lot of older women….date a younger man!  Black women life span statistically is longer than the male, therefore women should date or marry younger men, because you know he still has some life left in him and he most likely will not die before you (not unless you shoot him) and make you a widow.  There are far more widows out here than widowers.  Most widowers are grabbed up practically during the funeral service for the dear departed wife!
              I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW OFTEN I HAVE HEARD WOMEN SAY that their old man ain’t what he used to be and barely gives great phone or great sex.  They are usually too tired or just can’t remember what’s up!  The real drawback to dating a younger man can be that he is not as financially stable.  But if the sex is cool and the young man seems to really care and ain’t in “pimp mode,”or has a prison record and is willing to share what little he has; and you have other things in common such as reading, computers, dancing, theater, church etc., give him a chance to love you!   I say ladies, broaden your horizons and look at a tenderloin more closely.  The economics may not be just right, but if you’re both in the same mind set, your feelings in sync, and he has plenty of common sense and good conversation, then it is worth a shot!

 ain’t in “pimp mode”



A MEMO TO TEENAGE GIRLS: START USING YOUR BRAIN…….I am sick and tired of hearing and reading about teenage pregnancies and the girls talking as if they are not responsible for their big stomachs. On talk shows, girls 14, 15 and 16 years old are proudly telling the world about how many boys and men they already have slept with. Some even make claims that they were on birth control, but it dIdn’t work! I say, “bullsh–t ! If you take your pill everyday as the instructions dictate, you will not become pregnant. Teenage girls need to stop lying down with every Tom, Dick and Harry, or Jamal’ Jabari and Shaquille just to be liked or loved!


TRUST ME, MOST OF THESE YOUNG HOT STUDS are not in like or love…..It is just plain old’ lust. They just want to knock boots…and fatherhood is not the ultimate goal! I remember years ago when I read that a young boy hired someone to kill his pregnant girlfriend because he didn’t care to be a father. This type of violence is more prevalent than you might think…It just does not always hit the news. We have so many beautiful and intelligent young girls who are having babies as if that is the only thing to do…lie down, neglect birth control, have a good orgasm —and most times, getting no orgasm — and then become pregnant. This is so sad. Bringing a life into the world is not supposed to be taken lightly . A baby grows up and, depending on its upbringing can become a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or a future criminal in America!
GIRLS, GIRLS, GOD HAS Given you the parts that enable you to give life . Please stop overusing and abusing God’s gift. Close your legs and start using your brain and common sense. Babies deserve love, discipline, understanding and more love. Close your legs to these young guys running around your neighborhoods with their pants practically hanging on the ground! I am calling you girls out because no matter how much you have sex, if you use birth control, he absolutely cannot get you pregnant…..that is why I say you are responsible for your big stomach! BELIEVE ME ….YOU HAVE THE CONTROL AND NEVER, EVER FORGET THAT! Peace and love!
YEAH, I SAID IT! Stella in the City!