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I HAVE OFTEN HEARD WOMEN say, “All men are dogs.” Well, I beg to differ and whenever I hear a sista’ utter those words, I am quick to say, “There must be something you ain’t doing’ right!” How can all men be dogs when they all didn’t come out of the same womb? There are good men out here, you just have to have your radar focused on the right frequency!

THE AVERAGE WOMAN WOUD LIKE TO have, as a husband or boyfriend,
someone who is tall, dark, handsome, religious, financially sound, love his momma, loving, attentive, hard working, smart, athletic, righteous, protective, etc. Well, get over that idealism because the best guy for you may not possess all of the above in one body! The guy who really has your best interest at heart just might be that little short, round, kind, considerate, educated, unassuming and hardworking man, who picked up your books or computer bag when you dropped them! He may also be that nerdy-looking guy with a great smile and packing, unbeknownst to you!
OUR MEN COME PACKAGED in many ways and they ain’t all dogs! And our men are worth celebrating . If a man is good to you and treats you with dignity, love and respect, then pay closer attention! If you don’t allow yourself to be “dogged,” you will never have to say, “All men are dogs,,,it just depends on the pedigree!” “A dog-day afternoon” should mean relaxing and enjoying yourself and not being “dogged” by a man in the afternoon!
NOW, I CERTAINLY KNOW that we have guys out here who are just plain unadulterated lowlifes, who are not capable of respecting or sincerely loving and caring for a woman. That man you need to avoid at all cost…even if the sex makes you want to holla! And you should not automatically think the next guy will be worse. You have the choice of allowing them in your life or not! It is up to you to make the decision to have a good man and to treat him right and give him the respect that he deserves because he is there for you. Believe me, they are truly out there in the universe. Just put up a sign: “No dogs allowed!”



I have written many articles on various subjects down thru the years, so I have decided that from time to time, I will be re-rocking’ them so enjoy.
THE YOUNGER GENERATION OF BLACK teen parents decided that names such as Mike, Tom, Jane, Joan, Shirley, Ann, Barbara, Mary, etc., have no real African connection. So now, black teens have unique and exotic African names. Yet, having these so-called African names has not stopped headlines such as SheNayNay shot Jaquila, DuShone shot Shequoia, Jamal raped Jamela, Shunte beat up Duqwonna, Latisha got pregnant by Kunta Kente, Malika kicked the hell out of Shandaniqua, Tanika stabbed Tashikwa, Tayesha cut Towana, Jalil stole Tushona’s bike and Tianna is also pregnant by Kunta Kente, etc.
I THOUGHT GIVING KIDS African names was to help instill black pride, dignity and respect for themselves and their black brothers and sisters. However, it seems to me that some of our kids have no respect for anything, let alone a so-called African name. I have to applaud teachers who have to know how to spell and pronounce these names. So many young children are rockin’ these names, but do not have a clue as to what black pride is all about. Black children have to start understanding that killing one another only communicates the self-hatred that permeates our violence-ridden communities.
THE MEDIA REPORTS much too often the dysfunctional images, situations and conditions that some black folks are caught up in. They virtually ignore the majority of black people in this country who are in stable families and are hardworking, fun loving, drug free, violence free, educated and skilled people, who take care of their homes, go to church and walk with love in their hearts for God and their fellow African Americans. it is time for ALL the churches in our communities to get more involved and take the word of God to the streets (but first put on your bullet proof vest if you live in Chicago) and try to turn our teens away from the senseless killings and maiming of one another. Recently in Chicago, a well-loved, nice and respected schoolteacher was shot and killed while sitting in a real estate office minding her own business.  Black parents have to start giving kids more hope, love and supervision. The husbands or boyfriends making these babies must start owning up to their responsibilities…..or, at least care enough to wear a condom.
YOU CANNOT EXPECT schoolteachers to teach and do your job! They have enough problems of their own, such as: Is it safe to turn their backs to the class, or which student will be coming to class with a gun instead of a book? They also have to deal with boys, who instead of dressing in nice suits , wear low slung off the butt pants that scream, “Arrest me, I did it!”  Or young girls now wearing vagina-skimming skirts and dresses to school and looking less than school appropriate.
PARENTS IT IS TIME to take back your kids from these mean streets. It is time to take charge and let your kids know who is really the boss! If your daughter is 12 or 15 years old and comes home pregnant, whether you are for or against abortion, you know it is ridiculous for a baby to be having a baby! Start taking charge and paying more attention to your children. Teens left at home alone too much are bound to start getting into trouble or start having the wrong crowd coming over for companionship.
PARENTS, TAKE CHARGE and stop being afraid of your kids! After all, you laid down and had them…so deal with it! Yeah, I said it….Stella in the City!


THE ICONIC POET AND WRITER MAYA ANGELOU made her transition at age 86 on May 28 at her home in Winston Salem, North Carolina. She was and always will be the “Queen of the Spoken Word” and a phenomenal woman of poise and distinction. She is now resting in the arms and sitting on the lap of God (I believe) and still speaking words of wisdom and truth. Her name alone is worthy of attention and that is why my feeling and praise of this renowned, influential, wonderful and giving diva …yes, she was a diva in the truest sense… expressed in my own personal breakdown of her name.


M -Magnificent…… A – Amazing …..Y – Young at heart ……A– Awesome …….

A – Admirable ……N -Notable……G-Great and good heart……E– Eloquent and Elegant……L-Loving….. O – Orator extraordinaire ……U -Unbelievably believable

YEAH, I absolutely said it….Stella in the City!