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IN THE RECENT and very controversial Donald Sterling interview with CNN’S Anderson Cooper, the 80-year-old billionaire Los Angeles Clippers’ owner, who has been banned from the NBA for life because of his racist rants that were taped unbeknownst to him and exposed by TMZ, had the nerve to slam retired NBA Superstar/philanthropist and businessman Magic Johnson for not giving back or helping black people, as well as other wealthy blacks who do nothing for other blacks. Sterling is a racist for sure…even though he claims not to be. However, when he accused wealthy blacks of not helping one another like Jewish people do, folks got angry. I got angry because he definitely criticized the athlete who has done more for the black community and the sad plight of life in the inner city than most of your rich ballers.

Johnson, through his foundation, has provided many jobs due to his various businesses and has made people far more aware of the AIDS epidemic in this country since being diagnosed 20 years ago.

BUT GIVEN THE HIGH numbers of African American multi-millionaire NBA, NFL, rappers and entertainers in this country, I am inclined to believe that Sterling pointed out a truth about our rich blacks. Folks used to always say that “black folks are like crabs in a barrel…always trying to pull each other down.” Quite frankly, I think rich blacks are a minority in a minority and they want that elite circle to stay small and selective so they can gloat and show off to the world that they are somebody. That is why a young rapper will strut his rich butt into a Bentley dealership (most likely owned by a non-African American) and proudly drop a bag full of cash in the hundreds of thousand to buy a car…..but u will most likely not see him go into an inner city school and do the same to buy computers, books, school uniforms, busses to safely transport the kids, provide security guards to protect our kids, etc. I applaud the few African American celebs such as Magic, Oprah, Bill Cosby, John Rogers and the like who have shared their wealth for the benefit of others…I just know these black sports balling folks, who comprise the majority of players on these teams…are not doing their part….or they are probably doing just enough for tax purposes….or are just busy trying to show who has the most toys, things and bling! Kanye’s name should be on a building somewhere instead of his just spending huge amounts of money with other folks such as the already rich, white jeweler that he bought Kim’s ring from! I guarantee you he is not throwing any cash to a black business for his lavish upcoming wedding!

THERE SHOULD BE A school or a homeless shelter or a pantry or some type of facility in every inner city community bearing the name of a Tiger Woods or a Kobe Bryant or a LeBron James or a Michael Jordan because they financed the facility to help underprivileged blacks…just like other communities do in order to strengthen their people. And I know that some rich athletes think they are doing something awesome by sponsoring a basketball, baseball or football camp for young people every year…but we all know very few of those kids will develop skills to become rich athletes and the average inner city child cannot afford those camps….not unless they get a freebie!

I WROTE A COLUMN A FEW YEARS AGO about the need for wealthy blacks to adopt inner city schools because there is an old saying that “It takes a village to raise a child.” I say, “It takes one wealthy villager to raise and help educate a village of children.”

I BELIEVE that rich blacks should do more…and not just strive to be on “The Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous” or “The Fabulous Life of…”. I know some of you are thinking, “she got some nerve talking out of other folks’ pockets!”. Yes…I do have the nerve …I say turn in one of those lamborghinis for a shelter with your name on it!
YEAH, I said it….Stella in the city!



IT HAS BEEN SAID OVER AND OVER BY liberals In this country that “evidence shows that the death penalty doesn’t effectively deter crime.” So it appears that due to this theory alot of states have banned the death penalty. Illinois has done the same in recent years…but I for one have always felt and have expressed my feelings numerous times, when I was doing my column at the Sun-Times, that the death penalty needed to be amended to when a person commits a reprehensible, vicious and unGodly murder, and if there is indisputable proof of guilt aka guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt, and I mean there is NO doubt that the individual committed the crime on an innocent victim, that person should be given an eternal dirt nap …like the victim. In other words: That killer should not be given a “get -out -of -going to -the -grave -free card” nor three hots and a cot on taxpayers’ dime! To me, it is a different story if say you had to kill someone to protect your life or the life of a friend or a loved one. There are exceptions and justifiable situations. But, if a person kills just to be mean and to see another human being suffer and bleed….that .should not be tolerated in this society.
I AM REVISITING THESE FEELINGS since hearing the news about the “botched ” execution of convicted killer, Clayton Lockett, 38, in Oklahoma, who had been on death row since being found guilty of the cruel and in humane killing of an innocent 19-year-old named Stephanie Neiman in 1999, two weeks after her graduation from high school . Stephanie and a friend interrupted a robbery being committed by Lockett and two accomplices at a friend’s house. To make a long story short, Neiman and her gal pal along with the male owner of the house, were beaten, duct taped and driven to a secluded spot where her friend was repeatedly raped and beaten, but Neiman, who was not too cooperative, was severely beaten and forced to watch the men dig her grave. Lockett then shot her with a shotgun and they buried her while she was still ALIVE. Her friends were let go because they promised not to tell…but thank God they did.
ON APRIL 29, LOCKETT was on the execution table and prepared to receive a humane lethal injection and when it did not kill him in a timely fashion, it has been reported that “he appeared to be in pain and struggling to sit up minutes after he was pronounced unconscious and then began ‘writhing and bucking’ on the gurney.” He later died of an apparent heart attack.
FOLKS SAY THAT THE DEATH PENALTY is not a deterrent to crime….I say maybe it is not…but one thing is for sure….Lockett has been deterred permanently. Society will not have to deal with his mean behind no more. So, all you bleeding heart liberals and good hearted people, who are feeling sorry that he was given his due process….I say “BOO HOO…..AND GET OVER IT!” He got to live 15 years longer than poor Stephanie, who her friends say, was a nice girl, quick to smile, worked at her church and was an only child! Just try to imagine being buried alive….just imagine! Yeah, I said it…Stella In the City!