LA Clipper owner Donald Sterling made the mistake of talking out loud to the wrong person thus putting his real thoughts about blacks on display…I am sure other owners may feel the same in their brain, but have been fortunate not to be caught on tape and have sense enough to keep their true racial feelings to themselves. After all, money reigns supreme and since more than 70% of the NBA is comprised of black men who can jump, the majority of those owners know it is wise to keep their mouths shut! The players make money…and the owners make even more money!
STERLING, 81, probably in his decades of ownership of the Clippers, has seen his fill of Black players hooked up and coveting white and other non-African American women…..even though I am sure alot of the black ballers are married to sisters, but the press seems to want to only chase and photograph the swirl couples. Sterling also knows he cannot compete with the brothers on or off the court. His bank is long enough to pull a young mistress…and he knows he is nothing more than a super sugar daddy, who has to pay the cost to be the boss. And, maybe his woman taking a picture with the very married Magic Johnson, who is a known womanizer, was just too much for his little head to handle.

I THINK BLACK PEOPLE will never not see or experience racism in some form because even if a parade of 10,000 black doctors marched down Michigan Avenue, some white folks will still probably think “look at all of those Ninjas!” Personally, in the land of the free, you should be allowed to hang out with whomever you please….and black men freely do just that! Sterling should be kicked out of the elite sports owners circle, and I am happy that this man, who strangely resembles actor Mickey Rourke, has been banned from the game for life and fined $2.5 million by the new NBA commissioner, Adam Silver.

LETS FACE IT, this is not the first time Sterling has shown or has exposed his racist underwear…it’s just that this time, his pants were on the ground! Yeah, I said it….Stella in the City!


About stellafoster

Stella Foster is a retired columnist writer who has contributed to the Chicago Sun-Times for 43 years. Well known for the trailblazing path she has created for other columnist writers and her fearlessness, candor, and strong principles while covering the most entertaining stories relating (but not limited) to, celebrities, community events, and black-on-black crime.

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  1. Stella hit it out of the park!


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