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LA Clipper owner Donald Sterling made the mistake of talking out loud to the wrong person thus putting his real thoughts about blacks on display…I am sure other owners may feel the same in their brain, but have been fortunate not to be caught on tape and have sense enough to keep their true racial feelings to themselves. After all, money reigns supreme and since more than 70% of the NBA is comprised of black men who can jump, the majority of those owners know it is wise to keep their mouths shut! The players make money…and the owners make even more money!
STERLING, 81, probably in his decades of ownership of the Clippers, has seen his fill of Black players hooked up and coveting white and other non-African American women…..even though I am sure alot of the black ballers are married to sisters, but the press seems to want to only chase and photograph the swirl couples. Sterling also knows he cannot compete with the brothers on or off the court. His bank is long enough to pull a young mistress…and he knows he is nothing more than a super sugar daddy, who has to pay the cost to be the boss. And, maybe his woman taking a picture with the very married Magic Johnson, who is a known womanizer, was just too much for his little head to handle.

I THINK BLACK PEOPLE will never not see or experience racism in some form because even if a parade of 10,000 black doctors marched down Michigan Avenue, some white folks will still probably think “look at all of those Ninjas!” Personally, in the land of the free, you should be allowed to hang out with whomever you please….and black men freely do just that! Sterling should be kicked out of the elite sports owners circle, and I am happy that this man, who strangely resembles actor Mickey Rourke, has been banned from the game for life and fined $2.5 million by the new NBA commissioner, Adam Silver.

LETS FACE IT, this is not the first time Sterling has shown or has exposed his racist underwear…it’s just that this time, his pants were on the ground! Yeah, I said it….Stella in the City!


I know the KKK and skin heads are celebrating

FOLKS HAVE BEEN SAYING TO ME THAT I SHOULD POST MORE ON MY FACEBOOK BECAUSE my writing is very conversational, controversial and inspires people to really give their opinions about the subjects that I have the nerve and the audacity to write about! But, as you all know by now, my precious blog followers, I say what I say and I do not back down, and I respect all opinions, and I try to respond to my fb family as much as possible.
NOW WITH THAT SAID…..I HAVE SOME THOUGHTS to share with you all: I was listening to the news, and as usual in Chicago these days, if the weather gets even slightly warm, the ninjas get restless and decide that it is time to come out of hood hibernation and go on the hunt to shoot and kill in their own community. So, when I heard that 32 or 36 people were shot and four killed one weekend and on Easter Weekend 44 shot and 8 dead, I tried my best to cry about it…but in Chi Town we have gotten so use to hearing this type of tragic news about ninjas, that I just say “Really?, Ain’t no way that could be happening in Chicago! Ha!” So I ask myself, “Self, what are some of the issues that have impacted our beautiful and strong black people and has brought some folks to a stage of not loving and appreciating themselves and others?”

I CAME UP WITH SLAVERY, BABIES HAVING BABIES, GANGSTA’ RAP MUSIC AND RAUNCY VIDEOS, EASY ACCESS TO DRUGS AND GUNS, LACK OF FATHERS IN THE HOME, AND BLACK MEN PUTTING OTHER WOMEN OVER THEIR OWN (even if they put out a sex tape aka Kim Kardashian)! These few issues, needless to say, has had an impact on the education of our kids and why a generation of kids think you spell school …skool and enough…enuf!

NOW I WANT TO REMIND EVERYONE that over 2 years ago I wrote in my Sun-times column that the Mayor and the police superintendent needed to bring in the National Guard in the crime ridden neighborhoods or allow police to start doing their job again by stopping, searching and looking for guns when a car appears to be suspicious. Even though our so-called ‘Black Leaders’ and politicians will be quick to say it is racial profiling, we have to understand it is not ‘RACIAL’ profiling it is ‘BEHAVIORIAL’ profiling. We are killing each other… we are not killing other races… we are killing each other.

Don’t be shocked if a white cop has to stop and harass some ‘THUGS’ – in the black community, after all that is where all the shootings are happening not in other communities. YEAH, I SAID IT… what do you say other than Stella is tripping’? Stella in the Cit



BEYONCE’S FATHER AND FORMER MANAGER, Mathew Knowles, strayed from the marital bed that he shared with his lovely wife of 31 years, Tina Knowles, and engaged in a 18-month affair four years ago with former actress, Alexsandra Wright. As a result of that relationship with the “jump off,” a handsome little boy named Nixon was born and is now 4 years old.
ACCORDING TO THE CURRENT IN TOUCH MAGAZINE, Wright and the baby, who is the half brother of the super duper rich Beyonce and her sister, Solange, are heading to a L.A. homeless shelter because Mathew, who was fired by Bey in 2011 and lost his three million dollar salary, is now only making a measly (in comparison) $127,000 a year and claims he can no longer afford to pay the monthly child support of $12,000. Well, apparently, he made a believer out of a family court judge who recently ruled that he will now, retroactively, have to pay only $2,400, which means he doesn’t have to give her any money for the next two years. Ha! I do not understand that deal…but I am sure this cheater is one happy dude! Tina kicked him to the curb and reportedly is now dating actor Richard Lawson..and I say good for her!
WRIGHT IS IN A BAD POSITION BECAUSE HOW DO YOU ask the very rich Beyonce, who is not doling out any money, to help support the love child from an affair that brought hurt and pain to her mom? And it is obvious the father ain’t that interested and reportedly has not seen the boy.
NOW MY QUESTION TO MY FB FAMILY: WHAT WOULD you do if your father strayed with another woman younger than your beloved mom and gets the jump off pregnant? Would you, because of your hatred for the woman , allow your half-brother to suffer in poverty because his horny toad mom screwed a man, who could not keep his pants up?
PERSONALLY, it is sad when kids who did not ask to be born, have to deal with poverty snd often times abuse just because of two folks screaming and panting in the dark!
Beyonce obviously has no reason to like this hoochie, but should her half-brother pay the price?
Yeah, I said it….Stella in the city!