Is ‘Scandal’ Empowering?

I WOULD BE THE FIRST TO ADMIT THAT I JUST RECENTLY STARTED WATCHING THE SUPER POPULAR “SCANDAL,” ON ABC-TV WITH great actress Kerry Washington, whose character Olivia Pope is based on the real-life D.C. lawyer and former white house deputy press secretary Judy Smith, who was an extraordinary an alleged Washington troubleshooter for the untouchable White House.

BUT WHILE LOOKING LIKE A HOTTIE DOING HER DUTY, she and the white president become openly SECRET LOVERS , who whenever possible, will screw anywhere they get a chance to, including dropping her drawers in a broom closet beyond the eyes of his power hungry wife, who knows, but does not give a damn, as long as he still remains as the president! Of the United States.
I KNOW THAT KERRY IS THE SECOND AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE LEAD TO STAR IN A TV SERIES IN 40 YEARS SINCE ICONIC Diahann Carroll, who starred as a nurse in the NBC sitcom, “Julia, ” which went down in the TV history archives as a first for an African American female!
SO, Kerry playing this part has made TV history, but u cannot overlook the fact that she is brilliantly playing a hoochie or slutima, who, though a smart cookie, holds a key to the White House and a key to the Slut House! While I am happy that Kerry is stuffing her bank account, please explain to me how this African American woman is playing a great role model? She is, after all, screwing a married man…as best she can!
BUT THE LAST STRAW FOR ME WAS the episode showing the president adjusting his pants after screwing Olivia with six secret service men up and down the hallway waiting for him to finish with her so they could continue protecting him! Hey, men stick together when it is a choice between old sex…and new sex! So please explain to me why is Kerry’s character so empowering?! and by the way, while we are on the subject another popular series ‘Being Mary Jane’ starring Gabrielle Union, is also about a chick affair with a married man. Yeah, I said it….Stella In The City!


About stellafoster

Stella Foster is a retired columnist writer who has contributed to the Chicago Sun-Times for 43 years. Well known for the trailblazing path she has created for other columnist writers and her fearlessness, candor, and strong principles while covering the most entertaining stories relating (but not limited) to, celebrities, community events, and black-on-black crime.

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  1. I totally agree. Do not why women live these Shoes Being the other Women

  2. W.Spencer Saunders

    I am not a Scandal viewer so I don’t know about the sexual implications. But I do know that TV sitcoms are made to grab eyeballs…Not to create role models…..
    Monica Lewinsky’ “starred” in a real life “sitcom”. But i heard no suggestion that she may serve as a role model for white women.

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