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LEGENDARY POP STAR MADONNA recently posted an instagram picture of her 13year old biological son, Rocco, boxing at a gym along with the comment, “No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out!” ┬áThen she added #disnigga.” The Internet went crazy criticizing Madonna for saying “dis nigga,” and she was ridiculed so much that she quickly took the posting down and later issued an apology and asked folks to forgive her.

NOW BEFORE I SAY MORE, I WANT YOU ALL TO UNDERSTAND THAT MADONNA has two white biological children, Lourdes and Rocco and famously adopted two African kids from Malawi, David Banda and Mercy James a few years ago. The super rich 54 -year -old star, who sports a diamond grill (like rappers) from time to time, also finances a few schools in Malawi, which reportedly, are educating close to 5,000 kids. And like I said, her son Rocco is white so why did blacks get offended? Seems to me, Rocco should have been the one pissed off with his mom since he’s white…but he wasn’t! She did not call David a nigger (at least not on the internet) So why did blacks get mad? Do we personally own that word? I THINK Madonna just got caught up and excited and that grill messed her mind up for that moment!
YOU SEE, I HAVE ALWAYS WONDERED WHY BLACK people are the only ones who have permission to use that word…known as nigger, nigga and niggaz! White folks started calling us niggers starting way back in slavery while our ancestors were in chains. I believe the use of the word was to demean and disrespect black folks. Now black folks love and embrace that word so much that no other race can use it because we proudly and EXCLUSIVELY own this word that demeans and offends us! And a white person definitely cannot use it because we love that word so much and honor and appreciate that white folks created this word specifically for us!
SO PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY WE can call each other niggers all day long in our rap music and in the white man’s movies and it is ok when black comics (men &women) spew that word out on the regular in their routines, but white people who created this word for us cannot?
THERE IS HARDLY A BLACK PERSON on the planet who has not used that word either in a playful way or in a threatening way to another black. But given that this is a negative and disgusting word, why have we fallen so in love with it and have proclaimed ownership of a word that demeans us as a Race of people? WE ALL GET mad when someone outside our race calls us a nigger because it just makes you want to kick ass! So I am suggesting that we STOP using that word with each other because it is backwards to love and embrace as our own a NEGATIVE WORD that is just downright ugly! And our entertainers and musicians should just STOP THE MADNESS…DON’T GET MAD AT MADONNA…GET MAD WITH OUR BLACK FOLKS WHO USE NIGGER, NIGGER, NIGGER ALL up and through their lyrics and in the white or black produced movie scripts. Thank God for Tyler Perry! We are the only race that spits on ourselves and call it rain! Yeah, I said it…Stella in the city!