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MAMIE AND PETER JAMES FOSTER, my beloved parents who owned the very popular school store, Foster’s Variety on 81st street right off of Vincinnes back in the day, taught their kids to always be grateful and appreciative. I so miss you two wonderful and precious parental units!
OFF ON ANOTHER SUBJECT: I WAS BLESSED WITH GREAT PARENTS, so where is pop star Justin Bieber’s parents? I know they are divorced….but that 19-year-old super wealthy superstar is heading to an early grave, if he keeps trying to act hood and hanging out with a mixed entourage of thug hangers on, who are influencing this kid to drive drunk, use marijuana prescription drugs, visit whore houses, strip clubs and have rowdy parties at his huge mansion. I am sure that when this kid is in a drug or alcohol stupor, his so-called homies are probably robbing him blind! The pop star/rapper was recently in the news (again )for drag racing at 4 a.m. in Miami while under the influence of drugs and alcohol….and as skinny as he is, it would not take much to make him hazy and crazy!

SILLY AND IMPRESSIONABLE BIEBER WOULD NOT DO WELL IN RIKERS PRISON….He would and could easily become “Bubba’s beyatch” in 6-inch heels, a wig and makeup! He grabs his crotch a lot while performing on stage and in prison, he would not have to worry about that! And I am sure he gets that from the thug rappers who always blatantly grab their member or package while performing , as if they are afraid it would suddenly disappear! And I cringe when the BIEB, in his quest to be “hood,” does the same thing! And he is probably searching high and low for his package!
IF HIS MILLIONS of fans truly love and adore this kid, they need to blow up the Internet telling him to get his act together, or one day, they all will be crying, falling out, scrambling to buy flowers and stuff animals to line the streets somewhere in honor of this child! His silly parents will be in that same sad and grieving boat that the parents, family and friends of beloved superstars Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston are occupying! Momma Jackson and Momma Houston will never be the same! The Bieb’s parents, Pattie and Jeremy, best get ready for their own future boat ride in sad waters if they don’t get help for him! Yeah, I said it…Stella in the city!



WELL THE GRAMMY AWARDS ARE OVER AND I MUST SAY THAT SOME FOLKS MAY BE THINKING THAT BEYONCE HAS THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: THE AMAZINGLY TALENTED MOM HAS A KEY TO THE WHITE HOUSE AND A KEY TO THE SLUT HOUSE! So sad that her and husband, Jay Z, at this point in time and after becoming the parents of beautiful baby Blue Ivy, find it necessary or have the need to be overtly sexual and vulgar in the public eye with kids watching! Their performance of “Drunk in Love” with her butt hanging out and legs spread wide open in the opening act was truly unnecessary and lacked class and morals as parents. And if you read the lyrics to that song, they had to have been drunk…no other explanation! After all, we know they have been having sex …..that’s why baby Blu is on the planet!


IT JUST WAS NOT A GOOD LOOK FOR THIS POWERFUL COUPLE! AND BELIEVE ME……..I AIN’T HATING’! I spent $500 dollars on a ticket to see a Beyonce concert in Las Vegas a few years ago! I am a fan …but she needs to tone it down…she gets away with her suggestive dance moves because she is so pretty and has the face of an angel! But Blu’s momma needs to cool down her hotness!



WHILE WATCHING THE GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS ON SUNDAY ON NBC – I found myself thinking “wow! It does not appear that any blacks will be going home with a Golden Globe tonight!”   Even though a few blacks were nominated, none had won, including Idris Elba for the “Mandela” film or Kerry Washington for the hit tv series, “Scandal.”  But at the very end, AFTER 26 awards were presented, “12 Years A Slave,” won in the category of Best Film, which made up for the lack of black winners in the hours -long award show.

BUT I WAS NOT UPSET BY THAT lone award, because it was well deserved.

AND BECAUSE I AM SO THRILLED TO SEE THAT “BLACK IS BACK ” ON PRIMETIME AND CABLE TV.   There was a time a few years ago, that African-American faces were becoming less and less prevalent in sitcoms and shows. But now, I am happy to say, that the networks are realizing that their shows were lacking the spicy, sexy and sassy flavor that black folks are capable of serving up, whether you like it or not!

THERE ARE MORE SHOWS ON THE AIR WITH BLACKS STARRING in them, that I have lost count, but I am happy as hell about it because I am a TV junkie for sure and I am not ashamed to say it!  IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME, just look at this list:

TALK SHOWS:   Steve Harvey, Wendy Williams, Arsenio. Queen Latifah, Trisha Goddard

REALITY SHOWS: “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “Love & Hip Hop,” “Blood, Sweat and Heels,” “The Braxton Family Values,” “Raising Whitley,” “L.A. Hair,” Iyanla Vanzant (Fix My Life), “Basketball Wives,” “Hollywood Exes,” “Divas, ” The Real Husbands of Hollywood.”  ” T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” “6 Little McGhees,”  “Mary, Mary,” “SWV  Reunited”

SITCOMS: ” Are We There Yet,” “First Family,” “Mr. Box Office, “That Girl,” “Love Thy Neighbors,” “Let’s Stay Together,” “Meet The Browns,” “House of Payne,” “For Better or for Worse.”

GAME SHOW HOSTS: Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, Wayne Brady, De Rey Davis, Sherri Shepherd,    D. L. Hughley.

TV DRAMA SERIES: “The Haves and The Have Nots,” “The Game,” “Being Mary Jane,” “Scandal,” “Single Ladies.”

JUDGE SHOWS: Greg Mathis, Judge Karen, Judge Ross, Judge Lynn Tolar, “Paternity Court.”

being mary jane MEETTHEBROWNS

I AM SURE I HAVE left off a few folks and shows, but believe me, blacks are back…so we cannot complain, especially since the decision makers are mostly all from another community.  After all, we do not have a lot of Tyler Perrys or Oprah Winfreys running around! (smile) And I cannot remember a time when African Americans were this prevalent on the small screen. Even though we may not approve or like the various roles or characters that some are playing, at least the roles are not totally vulgar considering that so much sex talk and cursing is the norm these days on TV.   The cat fighting is still embarrassing …but it is not as consistent as it used to be.  It has toned down somewhat.  And the positive and funny roles are very well done and plentiful.


YEAH, I said it….Stella In The City!

Kelly’s Cookie McNasty!

HAPPY NEW YEAR…..AND THE WORD “HAPPY” reminded me that it is a pleasure to listen to good music that has lyrics you can at least repeat in front of your kids without feeling dirty!
HIP HOP singer/songwriter Pharrell Williams latest music video “Happy, ” which is part of the soundtrack for the movie “Despicable Me 2,” is a feel -good song that makes you want to dance and clap your hands as if you were in church on a beautiful Sunday morning and not worrying about being shot! It is a joyful video to watch and kudos to Pharrell for keeping it clean.

ON THE OTHER HAND, singer R Kelly’s lyrics on his video titled “Cookie,” from his latest CD, is so vulgar and demeaning to women and African Americans that I had to really fight with myself to keep from printing all the filthy lyrics word for word for my grown up Facebook friends to read. I decided not to because I did not want those words polluting my page or blog.
BUT I AM HERE TO LET YOU KNOW that unbeknownest to you, your kids may be viewing and singing words to that video that is downright nasty and disrespectful in the privacy of their bedrooms or in the basement of your home with their friends while you are reading this. The “Cookie” is a disgrace and demeaning to all women, our race and to decent people. Kelly needs to stick to stepper music and get his 47 year old butt out of the gutter. The late and great South Africa leader,Nelson Mandela, would be very disappointed in him. And, I suggest that you hit the Internet and pull up those lyrics and tell me how proud it makes you feel!
JUST KNOW I AM NOT writing this to promote this video…but to encourage parents to pay attention to what your kids are sucking into their little brains! Believe me, it just makes me angry when it is only our rapping brothers and sisters, who seem to be only capable of coming up with lyrics about sex, bling and money with a few gold teeth thrown in! And for the parents who are busy listening to that kind of music themselves…….you reap what you sow! Yeah, I said it…Stella in the City!