A Brother Giving Back

WHILE CHANNEL SURFING RECENTLY, I SAW a music video by rapper Migos from Atlanta whose latest video is titled “VERSACE,” which is a tribute to the multi- billion dollar Versace fashion designing/merchandise empire that was founded by the late designer Gianni Versace.

I THOUGHT HOW GENEROUS AND THOUGHTFUL OF Migos to write a song called Versace based on the already stinking rich Versace clan, now headed up by the very flamboyant Donatella, Gianni’s sister who also makes a Cameo appearance in the video. Here is a bro from Atlanta, who because the song is a hit, can now really afford a few Versace designer duds even though the majority of Black kids dancing to the music cannot afford even the V in Versace!

IN THE VIDEO, MIGOS, SURROUNDED BY A BEVY OF MODELS all decked out in the bright multi colored fashions, which is the Versace signature, is draped from head to toe in Versace jewelry, shirt, pants, watches,etc. with primarily Caucasian women luxuriating all over the place! How wonderful that Migos and Drake are such humanitarians that they saw a need to help the poor little plastic surgery- enhanced Donatella and family with all that FREE PUBLICITY! I guess Migos feels sorry for that family since Gianni, unfortunately, got gunned down in front of his Miami mansion a few years ago!

I JUST HOPE THE VERSACE CLAN APPRECIATES THIS hot video and the effort of this young man to make sure that the Versace name stays strong and powerful!

HEY, I remember when the hip hop stars were all singing the praises of Cristal and poppin’ bottles in their videos until the makers of that very expensive bubbly let the rappers know that they did not like their brand being associated with the rap industry even though the rich rappers were practically bathing in it! I even heard Jay-Z had a song called ‘TOM FORD.’

IT IS SO GREAT THAT AN INNER CITY CHILD HAS such a passion for fashion…and such a humanitarian concern for another family…that is so heartwarming! By the way, the Versace mansion recently sold for 27 million…..Migos must think they got shortchanged and needed cheering up so he did this tribute! HOW THOUGHTFUL!


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  1. This is outstanding! I think we should boycott this†propaganda!† Once again, you said it as only you can. †

    Everyone else, Read and access this post by Stella.† You can also keep up with her through face book.

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