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THERE ARE NOW TWO new reality shows on tv featuring preachers who have taken the “God business” to another level…a level I will call “Blingalicious preachers!”
preachers ofla
     THE TWO SHOWS ARE Oxygen’s “Preachers of L.A,”which features six big balling pastors of mega churches in Los Angeles, and also Bravo’s “Blood is Thicker than Water,” which puts the spotlight on the Tankard clan, a rich  and  bragadocious family headed up by pastor Ben Tankard and his wife, Jewel.
     ALL OF THESE BLINGING PREACHERS ARE just praising God for letting them live lavishly with fat bank accounts, expensive cars, planes, jewelry, designer clothes, mansions and everything their holy hearts desire!
     NOW, I have always been a Christian and believe in God for sure, and I have always believed  that some preachers are living the high life…but not in front of the cameras.  These shows put the emphasis on money…but with whose money?  I have also felt that most preachers want you to think that they actually have God’s UNLISTED NUMBER. And if you don’t give to the church, you surely will not get through heaven’s gates aka the Pearly gates! I believe that God sees all and knows all, and that men and women of the cloth will have to be judged at the Pearly gates just like all of us mere mortals!
      I CHECKED THE INTERNET looking for  viewers’ comments about these self-serving shows and mostly all condemn these programs and do not appreciate the men of the cloth flaunting their rich lifestyles, especially in these bad economic times and folks are losing their jobs, homes and sometime their minds!  One person on the net said: “The  world needs less grandiose, prosperity-driven pastors and more men of God  on their knees seeking his face.”
    SO MANY CHURCH GOERS are struggling to make ends meet and are still trying to put some money in the collection plate every Sunday and twice on Monday. I betcha’ some probably are now wondering if the money is really going to the “Building Fund” ?
    SO , MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS, what is your take on these “Blinging Preachers”?  And don’t hold back because you think you will be hit by lightning!    Yeah, I said it…Stella in the City!

A Brother Giving Back

WHILE CHANNEL SURFING RECENTLY, I SAW a music video by rapper Migos from Atlanta whose latest video is titled “VERSACE,” which is a tribute to the multi- billion dollar Versace fashion designing/merchandise empire that was founded by the late designer Gianni Versace.

I THOUGHT HOW GENEROUS AND THOUGHTFUL OF Migos to write a song called Versace based on the already stinking rich Versace clan, now headed up by the very flamboyant Donatella, Gianni’s sister who also makes a Cameo appearance in the video. Here is a bro from Atlanta, who because the song is a hit, can now really afford a few Versace designer duds even though the majority of Black kids dancing to the music cannot afford even the V in Versace!

IN THE VIDEO, MIGOS, SURROUNDED BY A BEVY OF MODELS all decked out in the bright multi colored fashions, which is the Versace signature, is draped from head to toe in Versace jewelry, shirt, pants, watches,etc. with primarily Caucasian women luxuriating all over the place! How wonderful that Migos and Drake are such humanitarians that they saw a need to help the poor little plastic surgery- enhanced Donatella and family with all that FREE PUBLICITY! I guess Migos feels sorry for that family since Gianni, unfortunately, got gunned down in front of his Miami mansion a few years ago!

I JUST HOPE THE VERSACE CLAN APPRECIATES THIS hot video and the effort of this young man to make sure that the Versace name stays strong and powerful!

HEY, I remember when the hip hop stars were all singing the praises of Cristal and poppin’ bottles in their videos until the makers of that very expensive bubbly let the rappers know that they did not like their brand being associated with the rap industry even though the rich rappers were practically bathing in it! I even heard Jay-Z had a song called ‘TOM FORD.’

IT IS SO GREAT THAT AN INNER CITY CHILD HAS such a passion for fashion…and such a humanitarian concern for another family…that is so heartwarming! By the way, the Versace mansion recently sold for 27 million…..Migos must think they got shortchanged and needed cheering up so he did this tribute! HOW THOUGHTFUL!