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I AM JUST THINKING OUT LOUD…SO FORGIVE me if I am saying something that may piss you off:
DURING THE SEXUAL revolution , which started in the late 60s, many women decided to have children without fathers, thinking “Wow! my biological clock is ticking…And I just wanna have a baby —-someone who will love me and never leave me ( like the man did)!” I sometimes wonder if this type of thinking and having babies out of wedlock by the young and single Hollywood starlets, sent a message  to young inner city girls  that it’s really cool, fashionable and ok  to have children  without a husband or a father figure involved?


WE HAVE A COUPLE OF GENERATIONS of children in classrooms (if they are even in school), who have no contact with their daddy or have any knowledge about their FATHER’S family tree!   Maybe the momma dated the man for two months, or maybe twenty minutes, got pregnant and the man was gone..After all, he probably wasn’t trying to become a daddy…he just wanted to bust a move and move on to the next ready and willing desperate chick wanting to be loved and sexed up!    When a girl has no clue as to who is her daddy, there is the likely hood that she might be hanging out at a bar one night, meet a man, start dating him, finally brings  him home to meet her mom, and the mom says, ” Hey, wait a minute…hope you are not sleeping with him because he is your daddy!”   Hey, that may sound far fetched but when a child doesn’t  know much about their father’s family, that certainly can happen.  After all, how would  a girl know that her new beau also might be her biological father’s brother …so she is dating her uncle!  How would she know??

ON A GERALDO RIVERA talk show many years ago…….a daughter married her own father  and didn’t t know it!  You see, lying down and having babies all willy nilly has it consequences…and the biggest is the child does not have that all important family connection, which every child deserves!   It is very difficult to be a mother and a father when you have to work everyday (if you are lucky enough to have a job)  and have to leave your kids to fend for themselves in the morning trying to get ready  for school, while you are struggling to get ready to go to work.
THE BOTTOM LINE IS:  Children need a strong male in the household and boys need it even more.  That is one reason I am so happy that there are now schools  such as THE URBAN PREP ACADEMIES located in some Chicago inner city neighborhoods, thanks to educator Tim King. These schools are strictly for young black males and are teaching them to be men of moral character, to  strive for academic success and to be respectful of themselves and others.   These young black males will go on to become great husbands and fathers…I am sure!

A FATHER FIGURE,WHO IS REALLY taking care of  family business, is more priceless than gold.  I personally think  that raising a child is a hard and continuous job and that job should be shared work with the mother…she deserves help!  A child should always be the number one priority  in a parent’s life.  Majority of black kids are being raised by their mothers…and some fathers.  Sure a lot of children have grown up to be great people and great contributors to society…but two parents in a loving home is still a situation to strive for.


SO YOUNG GIRLS CLOSE YOUR LEGS…AND YOUNG  BOYS PULL YOUR PANTS UP FROM AROUND YOUR ANKLES AND KEEP IT ZIPPED until you are REALLY READY TO  be responsible parents!   AND STOP USING CONDOMS AS BLOW UP  BALLOONS AT PARTIES AND START USING THEM THE WAY THEY SHOULD BE USED!   I know this has been said before….but since kids are still having babies all over the place, it can’t be said enough!    Yeah, I said it…Stella in the city!


Happy Birthday Stella!!!!!!!!!!

Today is the birthday to our favorite writer, Stella Foster! Chicago loves you and wishes you many more birthday celebrations and a life full of love, happiness, great health, and fun times!