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2013 BET Awards - Show

REALLY STEVIE WONDER …..REALLY?   Stevie just announced at a concert in Canada mostly attended by white folks, that in response to the controversial not guilty verdict in Florida in the shooting death of 17 year old  Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman, who always said it was in self defense, Stevie will BOYCOTT FLORIDA and any state that the  “Stand your Ground” law exists.  In case you haven’t heard, that law gives a Florida citizen the right to “act forcibly in self defense against a threat, which forces the police to have clear evidence of wrongdoing.”

SO STEVIE WONDER, AN AWARD WINNING MUSIC LEGEND is so disgusted and outraged that he will not perform in those states, but not boycotting the cities where hundreds of black folks are being senselessly killed by other blacks!    I had to just laugh!  The precious life of Trayvon Martin gets shot dead by someone other than another black AND black leaders and powerfully rich black movie stars and ATHLETES, such as the Miami Heat, get all outraged and up in arms over this single senseless shooting…but are quiet as hell AND damn near mute when it comes to crying out about the ongoing carnage of blacks killing blacks all across the inner cities of America!  This is so backwards and I know other communities are laughing at our unbelievable misplacement of outrage!  One kid versus hundreds of thousands of dead blacks at the hands of another black sometimes just over a lousy chicken wing or just because one kid is trying to be somebody and the haters show their hate through violence!


In a recent killing in Chicago, an innocent 19-year-old  pharmacy tech student, Ashley Hardmon, was shot in the back of her head while talking with friends on a west side corner. The Sun- Times newspaper carried the cover story along with a surreal picture of Ashley laid out in a vertical standing coffin because her distraught mom, Tiffany Hardmon, said, “My baby ain’t gonna be looked down on.”   It was a shocking and sad photo that you would not have expected to see in  a major daily newspaper while drinking your coffee.  Will other celebs boycott Chicago until her killer is caught?

WHY ARE OUR BLACK, RICH AND POWERFUL (AND YOU KNOW WHO U ARE) SO QUIET all the time?! They get on stage and on the red carpets in New York, California, Atlanta, Miami, etc. and sport their swanky outfits by white designers for the most part and thank GOD and their fans for their support, which nine times out of ten, the fans have been black, but never off stage tell or ask our folks to stop the high body count in the inner cities all across America!  Don’t they realize that their fans, the folks who support their make believe careers , are under attack?  Especially in Chicago where the body count is so outrageously high, that it hurts to think about it!  Our cemeteries are crowded with young folks taking a six foot dirt nap!

OH YEAH, THEY JUMP ON THE MARTIN bandwagon without fear of their bank accounts or popularity  diminishing, but seldom, if ever  SPEAK OUT PUBLICLY ABOUT OUR OWN PERSONAL CARNAGE!   SUCH  COWARDS….and I guess they feel so safe running around with their Hollywood friends behind gated communities that the real world is just not something that is important, especially when they are out shopping making Gucci, Yves St Laurent , Dolce & Gabbana , Jimmy Choo, Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik even more rich!   Yeah, I said it…Stella in the city!




WE ALL HAVE heard that a good man is hard to find. My advice is: Try a little harder! There are thousands of women who have children but no man thanks to divorce, natural deaths or homicides, homosexuality, guys in jail and the overall shortage of the male species. Even with these odds against you, it is still your duty and obligation as a MOTHER to check out a potential mate’s background and character.

BECAUSE YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE continuously exposed to your choice of a man, you have to be a SMART SHOPPER! Your man not only should love and care about you, but also your kids. Like it or not, you are a PACKAGE DEAL! I cannot forget watching a talk show long ago about women who were without mates and desperately looking. One guest was proudly telling the studio audience that she had finally found her future husband and Prince charming.

THE AUDIENCE started applauding and nodding approval until this “wannabe-married-at-all-costs” woman revealed that the guy had just been released from prison for molesting little girls. Well, surprise, surprise — she was the mother of two girls, ages 5 and 6…yes you heard me! I was so shocked angry to hear that crazy woman say that….it was unreal to me! My first thought was that she is obviously very lonely, horny, desperate, love- starved or just tired of looking!


(Left: Jessica Howell, Right: Jordan Prince) Missouri woman charged with child abuse and second degree murder after allowing her boyfriend to rape her 4-month-old infant daughter, which resulted in the infant’s death.

WHEN YOU HAVE KIDS, ladies, YOU HAVE TO BE STRONG AND CAN’T ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE TIRED OR DESPERATE! CHILD ABUSE AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ARE ON THE RISE MORE THAN EVER DUE TO THE AWFUL economy, lack of jobs, financial pressures, drug abuse, poor child-rearing skills and bringing home the WRONG man makes things worse for sure! I feel sorry for battered women, but I feel total outrage when I read or hear that another innocent child has died violently at the hands of a mother’s mate. All too often, a mother ignores the abuse or goes along with the abuser because of fear, need, or just wanting to keep her man at all cost!

WHEN SEARCHING FOR LOVE AND companionship ladies, try to keep your hormones under control and focus on your self-respect, dignity and, ABOVE ALL, LOVE FOR YOUR BABIES! IF A MAN IS ABUSING YOU, EITHER VERBALLY, OR PHYSICALLY, TRUST ME — EVENTUALLY HE WILL ABUSE YOUR CHILDREN. MANY WOMEN STAY WITH MEAN ASS MEN because they have too many mouths to feed and are afraid to go through it alone. I say, throw the bum out when it is safe to do so…. and take your chances out on your own. There are plenty of city, state and federal agencies out here setup to help mothers (and fathers), who are being abused! A mother should strive to be independent so she will hopefully never become trapped in a relationship where her daughters and sons are being physically, and in a lot of cases, sexually violated, just because she lacks skills, money, self-esteem and self-love!

YOUR KIDS SHOULD NOT BECOME VICTIMS due to your poor choices of a mate. IF YOUR GUT FEELING TELLS YOU THAT YOUR LOVER IS NOT REALLY INTERESTED in the “PACKAGE DEAL”‘ that I mentioned earlier, date him —but don’t move him into your place….let him stay in his…. if he has one! Your children should not have to take a six-foot dirt nap, which happens far too often in this society, just because you were not a smart shopper!

BELIEVE ME THERE ARE GOOD DUDES OUT HERE…and if you can’t find one…become a gadget shopper! Ha!
Yeah, I said it…..Stella in the City!