Ray-J Raising Controversy: “I Hit It First”

Hip-Hop artist AND used-to-be reality star, RAY-J, just released a controversial song, which fans are saying is based around his long ago relationship with Kim Kardashian and their scandalous, freaky 2007 sex tape that was eventually purchased by Vivid Entertainment, a porn company. Vivid Entertainment settled out of court and paid Kim over $5 million and Ray-J received$1 million!

Well, I guess his money is thinning out and the brother of singer/reality star Brandy is looking for some more moolah by releasing “I Hit It First,” which he says, with a wink and a smirk, is not about his fun in the sack with Kim.


Still-image of Ray-J and Kim Kardashian from their famous sex tape

Kim’s whole family is now super rich from career promotions because of Kim’s beyond freaky and nasty sex with the very elongated Ray-J.  He performed to the max and now apparently feels that he should reap the benefits from the tape that keeps on giving to the K clan…but not him!

Although he claimed the song and video was not about Kim, he clearly takes shots at her with the striking resemblance of the model in the music video and lyrics that parallel her current life. The lyrics from “I Hit It First” include: “She might move on to rappers and ball players, but we all know I hit it first.” “I had her head going north and her a– going south…But now baby chose to go WEST (a definite reference to her current baby daddy, Kanye West).

Not only does he mention Mr. West, but the artwork for the single mimics the heavily pixelated album artwork for Kanye West’s Grammy-Award winning album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

hitit jjjj

(Left: Ray-J’s single cover. Right: Kanye West’s album cover.)

Take a look at the Ray-J “I Hit It First” music video:

Well, some folks say Ray-J should get mo’ money since Kim’ s sisters, mom, brother and everybody else continues to count big bucks, while he ain’t no big deal. What are your thoughts?

YEAH I SAID IT……Stella in the City!


About stellafoster

Stella Foster is a retired columnist writer who has contributed to the Chicago Sun-Times for 43 years. Well known for the trailblazing path she has created for other columnist writers and her fearlessness, candor, and strong principles while covering the most entertaining stories relating (but not limited) to, celebrities, community events, and black-on-black crime.

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  1. Francinealexis

    Ray-J needs to go find his life. Rather he hit it first, second or third, Kim has found her life with out him. Let sleeping dogs lie and keep it moving. Nobody wants to hear about your past and nobody cares the you want to reminisce in it. What a Classless Looser!!!

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