BEYONCE’S FATHER AND FORMER MANAGER, Mathew Knowles, strayed from the marital bed that he shared with his lovely wife of 31 years, Tina Knowles, and engaged in a 18-month affair four years ago with former actress, Alexsandra Wright. As a result of that relationship with the “jump off,” a handsome little boy named Nixon was born and is now 4 years old.
ACCORDING TO THE CURRENT IN TOUCH MAGAZINE, Wright and the baby, who is the half brother of the super duper rich Beyonce and her sister, Solange, are heading to a L.A. homeless shelter because Mathew, who was fired by Bey in 2011 and lost his three million dollar salary, is now only making a measly (in comparison) $127,000 a year and claims he can no longer afford to pay the monthly child support of $12,000. Well, apparently, he made a believer out of a family court judge who recently ruled that he will now, retroactively, have to pay only $2,400, which means he doesn’t have to give her any money for the next two years. Ha! I do not understand that deal…but I am sure this cheater is one happy dude! Tina kicked him to the curb and reportedly is now dating actor Richard Lawson..and I say good for her!
WRIGHT IS IN A BAD POSITION BECAUSE HOW DO YOU ask the very rich Beyonce, who is not doling out any money, to help support the love child from an affair that brought hurt and pain to her mom? And it is obvious the father ain’t that interested and reportedly has not seen the boy.
NOW MY QUESTION TO MY FB FAMILY: WHAT WOULD you do if your father strayed with another woman younger than your beloved mom and gets the jump off pregnant? Would you, because of your hatred for the woman , allow your half-brother to suffer in poverty because his horny toad mom screwed a man, who could not keep his pants up?
PERSONALLY, it is sad when kids who did not ask to be born, have to deal with poverty snd often times abuse just because of two folks screaming and panting in the dark!
Beyonce obviously has no reason to like this hoochie, but should her half-brother pay the price?
Yeah, I said it….Stella in the city!

Is ‘Scandal’ Empowering?

I WOULD BE THE FIRST TO ADMIT THAT I JUST RECENTLY STARTED WATCHING THE SUPER POPULAR “SCANDAL,” ON ABC-TV WITH great actress Kerry Washington, whose character Olivia Pope is based on the real-life D.C. lawyer and former white house deputy press secretary Judy Smith, who was an extraordinary an alleged Washington troubleshooter for the untouchable White House.

BUT WHILE LOOKING LIKE A HOTTIE DOING HER DUTY, she and the white president become openly SECRET LOVERS , who whenever possible, will screw anywhere they get a chance to, including dropping her drawers in a broom closet beyond the eyes of his power hungry wife, who knows, but does not give a damn, as long as he still remains as the president! Of the United States.
I KNOW THAT KERRY IS THE SECOND AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALE LEAD TO STAR IN A TV SERIES IN 40 YEARS SINCE ICONIC Diahann Carroll, who starred as a nurse in the NBC sitcom, “Julia, ” which went down in the TV history archives as a first for an African American female!
SO, Kerry playing this part has made TV history, but u cannot overlook the fact that she is brilliantly playing a hoochie or slutima, who, though a smart cookie, holds a key to the White House and a key to the Slut House! While I am happy that Kerry is stuffing her bank account, please explain to me how this African American woman is playing a great role model? She is, after all, screwing a married man…as best she can!
BUT THE LAST STRAW FOR ME WAS the episode showing the president adjusting his pants after screwing Olivia with six secret service men up and down the hallway waiting for him to finish with her so they could continue protecting him! Hey, men stick together when it is a choice between old sex…and new sex! So please explain to me why is Kerry’s character so empowering?! and by the way, while we are on the subject another popular series ‘Being Mary Jane’ starring Gabrielle Union, is also about a chick affair with a married man. Yeah, I said it….Stella In The City!

MY “Twelve Years of Slavery” Observatio​n Made in Less Than Twelve Days!!

BRAVO, BRAVO AND CONGRATS TO FUNNY LADY/TALK SHOW Host Ellen DeGeneres for making the 86th Annual Oscar awards the best and most entertaining and engaging show that I can remember, ever. The Egotistical OSCARS is known as a long a**  show, which is full of boring banter by the presenters and guaranteed to bring you to tears with its multitude of awards accompanied by long -winded acceptance speeches coupled with musical performances that usually leave you asking why did they bother?
BUT THIS YEAR, I MUST SAY, ELLEN ROCKED THE HOUSE FOR SURE AND made those uptight rich folks come down off their Ivory towers and let loose. And this year, for a change, Black folks were in the house just dippin’ it and doin’ it! (whatever that means)!


HEY, I TOLD YOU FACEBOOK BABIES IN A POSTING A FEW WEEKS AGO, that black people are very visible now in TV and in some movies. With that said, congrats to newcomer and rising star , actress LuPita Nyong O, a Kenyan who won best supporting actress for the movie “Twelve Years of Slavery,” which garnered nine nominations. LuPita is the current Hollywood Golden black fashionista, who even with her short Afro and not rocking the customary weave down the back that white and black women embrace, is being shown much deserved respect and admiration for her brilliant acting. The Yale graduate also plays a flight attendant in the new box office hit, “Non Stop,” starring Liam Neeson. Her acceptance speech was one of the best of the evening!

ALSO BRAVO AND KUDOS TO “TWELVE YEARS OF SLAVERY” MOVIE FOR WINNING the Oscar for the best movie, which is the last award presented on Oscar night. When that movie was announced , the cast members and executives on the project, hopped on stage, including the always fine, Brad Pitt, who was one of the producers.

AND I JUST KNOW STEVE MCQUEEN, DIRECTOR.PRODUCER, John Ridley, screenwriter/executive producer and the main star, Chiwetel Ejiofor, were even more ecstatic that this movie was so recognized for its historical value because the women they are married to or hooked up with, ancestors could or would never have been slaves, which, I am sure, makes them even happier to be with those special ladies….and the same for co-star Alfre Woodard!
I STAYED UP WATCHING THE WHOLE THREE-HOUR PLUS SHOW because seeing black folks on TV and on the big screen just makes this sista’ so happy! And speaking of happy, my biggest disappointment of the evening was hip hop artist Pharrell Williams’ awesome hit song, “Happy” from the movie “Despicable Me, 2″, lost out in the best song category. Pharrell’s performance, however, was off the chain! best The song, “Let Go” from the movie “Frozen,” walked off with that Golden nudie!


LEGENDARY POP STAR MADONNA recently posted an instagram picture of her 13year old biological son, Rocco, boxing at a gym along with the comment, “No one messes with Dirty Soap! Mama said knock you out!”  Then she added #disnigga.” The Internet went crazy criticizing Madonna for saying “dis nigga,” and she was ridiculed so much that she quickly took the posting down and later issued an apology and asked folks to forgive her.

NOW BEFORE I SAY MORE, I WANT YOU ALL TO UNDERSTAND THAT MADONNA has two white biological children, Lourdes and Rocco and famously adopted two African kids from Malawi, David Banda and Mercy James a few years ago. The super rich 54 -year -old star, who sports a diamond grill (like rappers) from time to time, also finances a few schools in Malawi, which reportedly, are educating close to 5,000 kids. And like I said, her son Rocco is white so why did blacks get offended? Seems to me, Rocco should have been the one pissed off with his mom since he’s white…but he wasn’t! She did not call David a nigger (at least not on the internet) So why did blacks get mad? Do we personally own that word? I THINK Madonna just got caught up and excited and that grill messed her mind up for that moment!
YOU SEE, I HAVE ALWAYS WONDERED WHY BLACK people are the only ones who have permission to use that word…known as nigger, nigga and niggaz! White folks started calling us niggers starting way back in slavery while our ancestors were in chains. I believe the use of the word was to demean and disrespect black folks. Now black folks love and embrace that word so much that no other race can use it because we proudly and EXCLUSIVELY own this word that demeans and offends us! And a white person definitely cannot use it because we love that word so much and honor and appreciate that white folks created this word specifically for us!
SO PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY WE can call each other niggers all day long in our rap music and in the white man’s movies and it is ok when black comics (men &women) spew that word out on the regular in their routines, but white people who created this word for us cannot?
THERE IS HARDLY A BLACK PERSON on the planet who has not used that word either in a playful way or in a threatening way to another black. But given that this is a negative and disgusting word, why have we fallen so in love with it and have proclaimed ownership of a word that demeans us as a Race of people? WE ALL GET mad when someone outside our race calls us a nigger because it just makes you want to kick ass! So I am suggesting that we STOP using that word with each other because it is backwards to love and embrace as our own a NEGATIVE WORD that is just downright ugly! And our entertainers and musicians should just STOP THE MADNESS…DON’T GET MAD AT MADONNA…GET MAD WITH OUR BLACK FOLKS WHO USE NIGGER, NIGGER, NIGGER ALL up and through their lyrics and in the white or black produced movie scripts. Thank God for Tyler Perry! We are the only race that spits on ourselves and call it rain! Yeah, I said it…Stella in the city!


MAMIE AND PETER JAMES FOSTER, my beloved parents who owned the very popular school store, Foster’s Variety on 81st street right off of Vincinnes back in the day, taught their kids to always be grateful and appreciative. I so miss you two wonderful and precious parental units!
OFF ON ANOTHER SUBJECT: I WAS BLESSED WITH GREAT PARENTS, so where is pop star Justin Bieber’s parents? I know they are divorced….but that 19-year-old super wealthy superstar is heading to an early grave, if he keeps trying to act hood and hanging out with a mixed entourage of thug hangers on, who are influencing this kid to drive drunk, use marijuana prescription drugs, visit whore houses, strip clubs and have rowdy parties at his huge mansion. I am sure that when this kid is in a drug or alcohol stupor, his so-called homies are probably robbing him blind! The pop star/rapper was recently in the news (again )for drag racing at 4 a.m. in Miami while under the influence of drugs and alcohol….and as skinny as he is, it would not take much to make him hazy and crazy!

SILLY AND IMPRESSIONABLE BIEBER WOULD NOT DO WELL IN RIKERS PRISON….He would and could easily become “Bubba’s beyatch” in 6-inch heels, a wig and makeup! He grabs his crotch a lot while performing on stage and in prison, he would not have to worry about that! And I am sure he gets that from the thug rappers who always blatantly grab their member or package while performing , as if they are afraid it would suddenly disappear! And I cringe when the BIEB, in his quest to be “hood,” does the same thing! And he is probably searching high and low for his package!
IF HIS MILLIONS of fans truly love and adore this kid, they need to blow up the Internet telling him to get his act together, or one day, they all will be crying, falling out, scrambling to buy flowers and stuff animals to line the streets somewhere in honor of this child! His silly parents will be in that same sad and grieving boat that the parents, family and friends of beloved superstars Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston are occupying! Momma Jackson and Momma Houston will never be the same! The Bieb’s parents, Pattie and Jeremy, best get ready for their own future boat ride in sad waters if they don’t get help for him! Yeah, I said it…Stella in the city!


WELL THE GRAMMY AWARDS ARE OVER AND I MUST SAY THAT SOME FOLKS MAY BE THINKING THAT BEYONCE HAS THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: THE AMAZINGLY TALENTED MOM HAS A KEY TO THE WHITE HOUSE AND A KEY TO THE SLUT HOUSE! So sad that her and husband, Jay Z, at this point in time and after becoming the parents of beautiful baby Blue Ivy, find it necessary or have the need to be overtly sexual and vulgar in the public eye with kids watching! Their performance of “Drunk in Love” with her butt hanging out and legs spread wide open in the opening act was truly unnecessary and lacked class and morals as parents. And if you read the lyrics to that song, they had to have been drunk…no other explanation! After all, we know they have been having sex …..that’s why baby Blu is on the planet!


IT JUST WAS NOT A GOOD LOOK FOR THIS POWERFUL COUPLE! AND BELIEVE ME……..I AIN’T HATING’! I spent $500 dollars on a ticket to see a Beyonce concert in Las Vegas a few years ago! I am a fan …but she needs to tone it down…she gets away with her suggestive dance moves because she is so pretty and has the face of an angel! But Blu’s momma needs to cool down her hotness!



WHILE WATCHING THE GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS ON SUNDAY ON NBC – I found myself thinking “wow! It does not appear that any blacks will be going home with a Golden Globe tonight!”   Even though a few blacks were nominated, none had won, including Idris Elba for the “Mandela” film or Kerry Washington for the hit tv series, “Scandal.”  But at the very end, AFTER 26 awards were presented, “12 Years A Slave,” won in the category of Best Film, which made up for the lack of black winners in the hours -long award show.

BUT I WAS NOT UPSET BY THAT lone award, because it was well deserved.

AND BECAUSE I AM SO THRILLED TO SEE THAT “BLACK IS BACK ” ON PRIMETIME AND CABLE TV.   There was a time a few years ago, that African-American faces were becoming less and less prevalent in sitcoms and shows. But now, I am happy to say, that the networks are realizing that their shows were lacking the spicy, sexy and sassy flavor that black folks are capable of serving up, whether you like it or not!

THERE ARE MORE SHOWS ON THE AIR WITH BLACKS STARRING in them, that I have lost count, but I am happy as hell about it because I am a TV junkie for sure and I am not ashamed to say it!  IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME, just look at this list:

TALK SHOWS:   Steve Harvey, Wendy Williams, Arsenio. Queen Latifah, Trisha Goddard

REALITY SHOWS: “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” “Love & Hip Hop,” “Blood, Sweat and Heels,” “The Braxton Family Values,” “Raising Whitley,” “L.A. Hair,” Iyanla Vanzant (Fix My Life), “Basketball Wives,” “Hollywood Exes,” “Divas, ” The Real Husbands of Hollywood.”  ” T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” “6 Little McGhees,”  “Mary, Mary,” “SWV  Reunited”

SITCOMS: ” Are We There Yet,” “First Family,” “Mr. Box Office, “That Girl,” “Love Thy Neighbors,” “Let’s Stay Together,” “Meet The Browns,” “House of Payne,” “For Better or for Worse.”

GAME SHOW HOSTS: Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, Wayne Brady, De Rey Davis, Sherri Shepherd,    D. L. Hughley.

TV DRAMA SERIES: “The Haves and The Have Nots,” “The Game,” “Being Mary Jane,” “Scandal,” “Single Ladies.”

JUDGE SHOWS: Greg Mathis, Judge Karen, Judge Ross, Judge Lynn Tolar, “Paternity Court.”

being mary jane MEETTHEBROWNS

I AM SURE I HAVE left off a few folks and shows, but believe me, blacks are back…so we cannot complain, especially since the decision makers are mostly all from another community.  After all, we do not have a lot of Tyler Perrys or Oprah Winfreys running around! (smile) And I cannot remember a time when African Americans were this prevalent on the small screen. Even though we may not approve or like the various roles or characters that some are playing, at least the roles are not totally vulgar considering that so much sex talk and cursing is the norm these days on TV.   The cat fighting is still embarrassing …but it is not as consistent as it used to be.  It has toned down somewhat.  And the positive and funny roles are very well done and plentiful.


YEAH, I said it….Stella In The City!